Ricardo Tells Us About That One Cooking Mistake You’ll Never Make Again


Ricardo makes everything look so good we had to go to him for some very important tips and advice – including what not to do in the kitchen!

Read on to find out what his number one advice is for home chefs, plus a whole lot more about comfort food, what it’s like to meet fans – which you can do soon — Ricardo will be at our Kennedy Commons store this October 14 from 1pm – 3pm!

Ahead of this exciting visit, we caught up with the talented Canadian chef in a fun Q&A:

KSP: What do you love most about meeting your fans?

Ricardo: I really love meeting our fans. It’s a chance to chat with them and find out what their needs are and what they’re interested in learning more about.

KSP: Do you have a most memorable fan story?

R: There’s no single one in particular, but I love hearing stories about people’s families. And I especially like hearing about how my recipes played a role in their family gatherings – like weddings, Christmas, birthdays. I’m so happy to be able to contribute to the special moments that families have together.

KSP: Now that it’s fall, we want to know: What’s your go-to comfort food?

R: I’m a big fan of Asian cuisine, so General Tao chicken or Vietnamese-style grilled chicken are the ideal comfort food for me.

KSP: Do you have a favourite book or movie about food? 

R: The book would have to be:  Larousse Gastronomique. “It’s an amazing culinary encyclopedia.”

The movie is Babette’s Feast. “The short story by Karen Blixen that it’s based on is also a favourite of mine.”

KSP: What is your favourite place to travel (and eat!)?

R: That’s a tough one! But in no particular order… New Orleans, Tokyo, Miami, and, of course, Montreal.

KSP: Do you have any family cooking memories/secrets to share?

R: When I was a kid, on summer holidays in Maine we would always go to a little mom-and-pop restaurant, and I would always order the blueberry pancakes. Nowadays, I make blueberry pancakes at home on weekends, and that brings back my childhood and so many memories of those family vacations.

We’ve even created a recipe for the website (Plump Pancakes). All you have to do is add fresh blueberries!

KSP: What’s one mistake home chefs make that they can easily fix?

R: Lumpy sauce. Just put it in the blender, then pour it through a strainer.

KSP: Finally, who are you the biggest fan of?

R: Julia Child and Martha Stewart

Ricardo’s favourite recipes for fall cooking

Inspired to start cooking? Ricardo has put together a delicious three-course meal to get you through any cool day ahead!

Get started with a cabbage soup gratinée French onion soup-style for your appetizerThis new twist on onion soup will have you warming up on cool days in no time. Start your soup with the recipe here.

For your entree, try the American-style chicken and basic mashed potatoes. We all crave comfort food during the cooler weather and this classic pairing is perfect. Get started on your chicken with this recipe and follow up with the best mashed potatoes ever here.

What do we need to finish off this lovely meal? Chocolate of course! Try Ricardo’s chocolate pudding cake for the best way to end your meal. Follow his recipe here.

Come meet Ricardo at Kitchen Stuff Plus!


After officially launching the Ricardo cookware line across Kitchen Stuff Plus, we’re thrilled to have him join us and give you the chance to ask even more questions and share your love of cooking with him. He’ll be at our Kennedy Commons store at 16 William Kitchen Road in Scarborough on Sunday, October 14 from 1pm-3pm. Be sure to RSVP to our Facebook event here.

We’re lucky to have Ricardo joining us during our 25th Anniversary Sale! Learn more about the exciting promos and offers happening now through October 21.