How To Safely Store Your Cleaning Products

cleaning products organized under the sink

When spring comes around, it’s time to get cleaning. If you’re using tons of cleaning products, it can get dangerous, especially when it comes to storing them safely away from your kids. Here are some tips to safely store your cleaning products.

under the sink storage shelf with cleaning products.

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Bottles and containers

Stay away from mixing cleaning products! It’s important to keep products in their original packaging to prevent cross contamination. You should only be transferring them into another containers if you’re making your own cleaning solutions. When making cleaning products at home, store them in clean bottles with labels to help make identifying what’s inside quick and easy.

Caddies will be your best friend

Group your go-to cleaning products in little bins or caddies to make cleaning easier. We love to organize cleaners by which room they’re used! When you have all your bathroom cleaners in one bin, when it’s time to clean, all you need to do is grab that one bin of products. You can also organize your products and cleaning tools by task, which makes sudden spills and messes a lot more manageable.

Find a cool (+dry) place 😎

cleaning products organized under the sink

Storing your cleaning products in a designated cool area will help your products last longer. With some products having temperature warnings, you want to make sure that you always make sure you read follow the label. Most products can be stored in a cool, dry area so you will protect your products from extreme temperatures. And remember to never keep your cleaning products in the sun!

Safety first

When storing something potentially harmful such as cleaning products, it’s essential they’re stored safely away from children and pets. Look to store them at the top of a cabinet, out of reach of curious hands, or keep them locked in under your sink.

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