How To Get The Scandinavian Spa Look In Your Bathroom

grey bathmat with stone design and wooden basket filled with bath accessories

One of the most coveted bathroom styles right now is the Scandinavian Spa look. Between the neutral colours and soft textures, it’s no surprise why the spa-style trend is popular and why we think it’s here to stay! Take a look at these key items to help transform your current bathroom into a serene spa.

Relax with your favourite book

wooden bath caddy over a full bathtub with bubbles glass of white and open book on caddy

Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy (Natural)

The first step to transforming your bathroom with the spy style is to make it as relaxing as possible. A bamboo bathtub caddy with a special spot for your favourite book (and vino) will make your bubble bath just that much better!

The stepping stones

grey bathmat outside a bathtub

Harman Embossed Stone Microfiber Bathmat (Grey)

This Harman Embossed Stone Bathmat emulates serene garden stones in a super-soft microfiber fabric, keeping your bathroom floor dry and your feet comfy and warm. It’s perfect for the spa-style look.

Splash into bronze

bronze shower caddy with shampoo and soaps

Splash 2-Tone 2-Tier Shower Caddy (Bronze)

Add extra storage in style with this Splash 2-tier bronze shower caddy. The metallic finish pops in an otherwise neutral spa bathroom.

Simplicity is key

glass apothecary jars with cotton balls, q tips, and cotton pads

KSP Spa Apothecary Jars

You may be surprised at how something so simple as putting products into pretty jars will take your bathroom decor to the next level. Get rid of that bulky plastic and store your cotton balls, pads, swabs in these beautiful glass apothecary jars instead!

Salt lamps rock

pink himalayan salt lamp

Upper Canada Therawell USB Crystal Salt Lamp

This USB Therawell Salt lamp releases negative ions that purify the air and adds a calming glow to any spa-style bathroom.

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