7 Meatless Recipes You Need To Try

The spring season goes hand-in-hand with fresh dishes that are full of flavour! But just because a dish is full of flavour doesn’t mean it has to come from meat.

With that in mind, we’re sharing 7 of our favourite meatless spring recipes.

1. Pasta primavera

pasta in a pan with pea, tomatoes, asparagus, and other spring vegetables

Pasta Primavera by The Stay At Home Chef

It’s only appropriate this meatless pasta primavera is full of ‘primavera’ vegetables. Peas, artichokes, and cherry tomatoes – this dish will make you even happier that it’s springtime! Find the recipe from The Stay At Home Chef here.

2. Vegan spring rolls

veggie spring rolls in rice paper

Vietnamese Vegan Spring Rolls by Watch What U Eat

Not only are these spring rolls meatless, they’re actually vegan, as long as you omit the fish sauce from the dipping sauce. Packed with healthy ingredients and plant protein, these spring rolls taste as good as they look! Get the recipe from Watch What U Eat here.

3. Spring buddha bowls with creamy turmeric dressing

veggie bowl with spring veggies and turmeric dressing

Spring Buddha Bowl with Creamy Turmeric Dressing by Hello Veggie

This spring buddha bowl is filled with all your favourite spring veggies – asparagus, spinach, broccoli. And, of course, topped with a golden turmeric dressing. Find the recipe from Hello Veggie here.

4. Spring vegetable quinoa minestrone

Spring Vegetable Quinoa Minestrone by Simply Quinoa

Chock full of delicious spring veggies, this meatless quinoa soup is full of flavour! Any soup that “starts with a simple base of sautéed onions, garlic, carrots and a can of diced tomatoes” can’t be lacking. Get the recipe from Simply Quinoa here.

5. Spring bliss bowls with pesto rice

bowl with rice, cauliflower, asparagus, etc.

Spring Bliss Bowls with Pesto Rice by Iowa Girl Eats

Celebrate spring product with this delicious spring bowl recipe! Bonus: it’s a great recipe to prepare a large batch and take for lunch for the week and it’s completely meat-free! Find the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats here.

6. Tortellini, pesto and asparagus soup

a bowl of soup with tortellini, peas, and asparagus

Tortellini, Pesto And Asparagus Soup by The Freelancer’s Cookbook

This may be the easiest soup recipe that ever existed. With just 5 ingredients, this soup can be made in minutes. Just be sure to get cheese tortellini to keep it vegetarian! Get the recipe from The Freelancer’s Cookbook here.

7. Lemon pistachio stuffed artichokes

artichoke stuffed with pistachio

Lemon Pistachio Stuffed Artichokes by My San Francisco Kitchen

Although upon first glance, this dish may look like trendy succulents, they’re actually artichokes stuffed with pistachios and brushed with lemon and garlic. We’re salivating already! Find the recipe from My San Francisco Kitchen here.

What are your favourite meatless recipes?

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