The Back-To-School Organization You Need

Simplify your morning routine with these easy back-to-school organization ideas. Appropriate for all ages, from preschool all the way to high school and beyond. And the best part? You don’t need a big budget to get organized, because Kitchen Stuff Plus (KSP) has everything you need for every room in your home, all at affordable prices.. From your front entry to kids’ closets and even your own home office, they’ve got you covered. 

1. Get your entry in order

If your kids are like mine, they never put anything back where they found it. Make it easy for them to put their stuff away, while maintaining a polished entryway with these  tips, featuring products from KSP. 

Say yes to hooks

Hooks make it simple for kids to hang jackets and school bags, and keep the entry floor clutter-free. I love these fun and functional Umbra Buddy Wall Hooks. These little wall-climbers are irresistibly cute, and your kids will get a kick out of hanging up their jackets and bags!

Create a spot for shoes

Kids’ shoes often end up in a pile on the floor. Avoid a mountain of footwear by designating a place to store them neatly. I love the easy and functional open shelving and multiple tiers of the Axis Fabric Shoe Rack. The lightweight material makes it easy to place where you need it most, like right beside the front door!

Always have a bin handy

Store kid gear and hide the clutter with this stylish Axis Fabric Storage Cube. These lightweight bins fold closed for easy storage when not in use and feature convenient carrying handles for moving the box where it’s needed most. A fan favourite in my house!

2. Organize your closets

The best way to guarantee your kid’s closet stays organized is by creating an accessible system and one that they can help maintain. This kid-friendly closet, full of some of KSP’s best products, makes it easy for kids to pick out their clothes quickly to help get the day off to a good start.

Clear clutter with bins

You can never have too many bins! Adding bins and baskets to kids’ closets helps control clutter buildup. KSP sells a variety of containers great for toys, shoes, stuffed animals and all of the little things kids love to collect. My personal favourite is the Axis Storage Box because it’s stackable and the clear window makes it easy to identify what is stored inside! 

Opt for easy-to-see storage

Out of sight, out of mind is not my mantra when it comes to closets. Make it easy for kids to see all their clothing options with the 6-Shelf Axis Hanging Organizer. You can even use it to plan the week’s outfits and avoid morning drama. How? Label each compartment with a day of the week, then place one day’s ensemble on each shelf. Bonus tip: include socks and undies, so getting dressed is super simple, even for your littlest ones!

Make room for laundry

The Softsac Triple Laundry Hamper/Sorter is my go-to for kids to easily sort their clothes by colours, darks, and whites. It fits perfectly in a closet and has carry handles, so I can quickly grab it when it’s filled (which is more often than I’d like!) and bring it to the laundry room.

3. Get your kitchen routine-ready

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and with KSP’s help, yours will look beautiful and function like a well-oiled machine.   

Keep breakfast on rotation

My favourite way to save time in the morning is to ensure my kids have everything they need for breakfast within their reach. Store Breakfast items like bowls, utensils, and napkins together in this handy, portable iDesign EcoWood Paulownia Turntable. As an added bonus it looks great, thanks to the beautiful and sustainably-sourced Paulownia wood.

Create a lunchbox drawer

Raise your hand if unruly lunch containers drive you crazy. With the help of the iDesign EcoWood organizers you can turn any drawer into a beautifully organized system. I love using these containers to store  all our lunchbox essentials and more. Bonus tip: they are also perfect for keeping snacks tidy and ready for easy lunch packing too! Check out the entire line here. 

4. Create space in your home office

When everything comes home from school in a filled-to-bursting backpack, it’s easy to miss important school documents. Adding additional storage to your office is easy with KSP.

Have a system within reach

Add storage to your home office with the Rollstor 3-Drawer Fabric Storage Cart with wheels. Three oversized drawers easily hold all your home office supplies as well as all those school permission slips and forms. I love the print, and the easy-roll locking wheels let you move the storage to wherever you need it most and then keep it securely in place!

Hang an over-the-door organizer

I love stocking up on school supplies, but hate having them just laying around. To keep all those supplies tidy and organized I use the Axis Fabric Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. It’s so easy to use – just hang and fill! It has 20 storage compartments, and endless potential.

With a little creativity and some amazing products from Kitchen Stuff Plus, your home will be back-to-school ready in no time. Run, don’t walk to for more great back-to-school organization essentials!

Jenny of Little Love Lifestyle holding using KSP cookie press

Jenny recently moved from Toronto to a Country House in Meaford, Ontario with her husband and two children. She is the founder of Little Love Lifestyle, a fun and easy lifestyle blog for mamas, featuring family recipes, kid’s lunch ideas, casual mom style, and relaxed country living decor.

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