There Is No Garbage Can’t – Only Garbage Can!

There’s no doubt that garbage cans were once the eye-sore of any home, but they have since come a long way. Available in many shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find one perfect for your space and budget.

KSP Duplex

Looking for a way to organize your trash and recyclables? Our Duplex Garbage Can is made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and it features two plastic pull-out bins, making it easier to empty and clean. Complete with foot pedals for hands-free opening. Available in 2 sizes.

KSP Eco Triple Step Garbage Can

Take your garbage sorting to another level with our Eco Triple Step Garbage Can. This customer favourite has 3 compartments, so you can sort your trash, recycling and compost. Each section opens individually with their own foot pedal, with durable pull-out bins for easy emptying and cleaning.

KSP Oscar Square Step Garbage Can

Our Oscar Square Step Garbage Cans feature a handle, making it easier to move around. The durable steel pedal provides hands-free opening, and the removable inner bucket makes emptying and cleaning a breeze. Available in 3 sizes.

KSP Orca Round Step Garbage Can

Our sleek and stylish Orca Round Step Garbage Can fits in great with modern appliances. The foot pedal provides hands-free opening, and the lid closes softly, so you never have to worry about it slamming shut. Available in 3 sizes.

KSP Binny Round Step Garbage Can

Our Binny Round Step Garbage Can is constructed of powder-coated steel, providing extra durability. The inner plastic liner with handle makes it easier to take out the garbage. Use the foot pedal for hands-free opening, or use the handy lip on the lid to open it manually. Available in 3 colours.

Sterilite StepOn Garbage Can

The textured plastic on the Sterilite StepOn Garbage Can is designed for high-traffic areas, preventing scuffs and dirt from showing. The foot pedal allows for hands-free opening, keeping the lid from getting grungy from dirty hands. Available in 2 sizes.

Need a smaller size? Designed for narrow spaces, the Sterilite StepOn 10.2L Garbage Can has a slim footprint, allowing it to fit anywhere. The foot pedal provides hands-free opening, and the durable plastic construction makes it easy to clean. Available in 2 colours.

Umbra Swing Mini Garbage Can 5L

The Umbra Swing Mini Garbage Can is perfectly compact for your home office, bathroom or bedroom. Molded from polypropylene with a high gloss finish that wipes clean. Available in 2 colours.

Umbra Venti Garbage Can 60L

The Umbra Venti Garbage Can features a classic swivel-top lid and a secure ring to help keep the garbage bag from sliding down. The durable polypropylene is easy to maintain and simply wipes clean with a damp cloth. Available in 2 colours.

Kitchen Basics Enviro Metal Compost Pail

With the Kitchen Basics Enviro Metal Compost Pail, you can be eco-friendly in style. This cute bin has charcoal filters to prevent odours from escaping, and it’s designed to stay on your counter or in a cupboard. Available in 2 sizes.

KSP Eco Metal Compost Pail

Be greener with our Eco Metal Compost Pail. The metal pail is easy to clean, and the charcoal filters keep odours at bay.

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