Top 10 Essentials For Organizing Your Closet

Each day starts with the same routine: getting dressed. This simple task can be hassling and add stress to your mornings when your closet is messy and unorganized. A tidy closet is like a well-oiled machine, saving you time and stress. To help you get back on track, we’ve put together our top 10 closet organization picks.

1. KSP Velvet Flocked Hanger Set/10

Save space and coordinate your closet with our set of 10 Velvet Flocked Hangers. The soft velvet prevents your garments from slipping off the hanger, and the slim design allows you to fit more items in your closet. Available in 4 colours.

2. KSP SoftStor Fabric Wardrobe 110 x 46 x 178cm

Create extra closet space with our SoftStor Fabric Wardrobe. It includes a large area for hanging clothes, and 5 shelves. Velcro loops keep the covers out of the way when in use, and the zippers keep the covers closed to prevent dust and pet hair from dirtying your garments.

3. KSP SoftStor Fabric Wardrobe 70 x 45 x 156cm

Running out of hanging space? Our SoftStor Fabric Wardrobe allows you to create extra space whenever you need it. The concealed zippers seal everything up to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

4. KSP Closet Cube Plastic Storage Cabinet

Our Closet Cube Storage Cabinet allows you to create extra shelf space wherever you need it. Want the cubes arranged in a different way? No problem! This unit can also be built so that the cubbies are 2×3. Need more space? Attach two units together to create 12 cubbies!

5. KSP Axis Storage Box w/ Window

Our Axis Storage Box is perfect for organizing your closet and keeping lesser-used items out of the way. The ingenious viewing window allows you to quickly identify your stored items without the need to dig through everything.

6. KSP Axis Hanging Organizer “6-Shelf”

Add extra shelves to your closet with our Axis Hanging Organizer. It’s lightweight and sturdy, with 6 storage cubbies for folded garments and more.

7. KSP Axis Hanging Shoe Organizer “10-Shelf”

Keep your shoes organized with our Axis Hanging Shoe Organizer. Simply hang it on your closet rod and you instantly have storage for up to 10 pairs of shoes or other small items.

8. KSP Axis Fabric Storage Cube

Our Axis Fabric storage Cube can help you create a clutter-free home by storing your essentials and keeping them out of sight. When not in use, the storage cube can be folded flat.

9. KSP Axis Underbed Storage Bag

Take advantage of the space under your bed and use it for extra storage. Our Axis Underbed Storage Bag is great for storing extra bedding, seasonal clothing, and more! The convenient handle makes it easy to pull the bag out from under your bed.

10. KSP Axis Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer “20-Pocket”

Organize your shoes with our Axis Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer. The fabric is durable, lightweight, and strong, with 20 pockets for storing your shoes, hats, and other small items.

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