Top 10 Fridge Organization Necessities

We spend a large amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals for ourselves and our family, so it’s safe to say the fridge is the heart of any home. Keeping a well-organized fridge can help keep produce fresh, saving you time and money so that you can do more of the things you love.

KSP Fridgestor Deep Bin

Get your fridge organized with the BPA-free KSP Fridgestor Deep Bin. The clear plastic lets you see what’s inside, and they’re stackable. Available in 4 sizes.


KSP Fridgestor Handy Storage Bins 

The KSP Fridgestor Handy Storage Bin makes organizing your fridge, freezer, or pantry a breeze, with the sturdy handle for easy mobility. It’s BPA-free, and the bins are stackable, freeing up even more space. Available in 3 sizes.


KSP Fridgestor Berry Keeper Basket 

Keep your berries fresher for longer with the KSP Fridgestor Berry Keeper Basket. With the elevated, built-in strainer, you can wash your berries and prevent them from getting crushed and soggy. Available in 2 sizes.


KSP Fridgestor Soda Can Holder 

Organize your pop or soda cans with the KSP Fridgestor Soda Can Holder. It’s made of durable BPA-free plastic, and it can hold up to 9 cans.

KSP Fridgestor Egg Holder 

Say good-bye to crushed eggs in soggy cardboard packaging, and store your eggs safely and securely in the KSP Fridgestor Egg Holder. Available in 2 sizes.


KSP Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser

The KSP Fresh Milk Bag Dispenser provides much needed storage for up to 3 bags of milk. The long-lasting melamine is dry erase marker safe, so you can easily keep track of the expiry date.


KSP Lakto Milk Bag Holder

Milk bags are a staple in any Canadian home, and the KSP Lakto Milk Bag Holder is the best way to hold your milk.


KSP Leche Milk Carton Holder

Pouring milk, cream, or juice from a carton has never been easier with the KSP Leche Milk Carton Holder. It holds 1 quart/ 1 litre cartons, and the sturdy handle is easy to grasp.


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