Top Christmas Gifts for the Foodie In Your Life

cutting board underneath prep garnishes

The holidays are right around the corner and if you are looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, look no further.

Whether they are creating tasty dishes to serve up or love using all the latest gadgets, the possibilities for the chef in your life are pretty endless. Below are a few of my top picks:

Air Fryer

chefman airfryer

This is probably my favourite gift of the season because with an Air Fryer, the options are never-ending. You can cook up pretty much anything; French fries, chicken nuggets, tofu, deep fried pickles – you name it and it can be fried up. The results you get from an air fryer are not only much healthier than deep frying, but they are just as tasty. So, if you’re looking to gift a gadget that every chef would love to have in their kitchen – an air fryer is a good option.


white sodastream fizzi

There are a lot of amazing things to love about SodaStream, and one of them is it helps to reduce waste created by plastic bottles, so it greatly benefits the environment. Another is the health aspect – with SodaStream you’re consuming about two-thirds less sugar than compared to normal soda. The flavours with SodaStream are endless – everything from orange to kombucha! You can even make up your own concoctions, there is so much yummy fun to be had.  

Cutting Board

cutting board underneath prep garnishes

The one thing we can all agree on is that cutting boards are the gift that keeps on giving. You can use them over and over and of course, they’ll be used a lot! This cutting board can be kept for years and come in handy almost daily. It has thin profile and built-in utility hole make them easy to store in a rack or display on the wall – and you can toss it in the dishwasher with the rest of your dirty dishes! Plus, it’s a super stylish addition to any kitchen. 

Knife Sharpener

zwilling 4-stage ceramic knife sharpener

If there is a knife in your kitchen, then you need a knife sharpener. Knives are used every day and with everyday use, they become dull – a blunt or dull knife is dangerous because it requires more pressure and of course is more likely to cause an injury. If you’re dicing veggies, potatoes or even garnish, a sharp knife makes for precise, defined cuts which means it will cook more evenly! A good knife sharpener is a must for any at home chef on your gift list. 

Potato Masher

A good potato masher is a utensil that works wonders in the kitchen. Sure, it can mash potatoes, but the possibilities are endless. Pasta stirrer, guac maker, apple saucer, pastry blender, cookie crumbler or even embosser (think, peanut butter cookies), meat loafer maker or my personal favourite – chickpea masher. A great potato masher is hard to find, but this Henckels Classic is strong, sturdy and really handles the job!

Holiday shopping looks a little different for most this year. While some KSP locations are closed due to COVID regulations in certain regions, they have found the most amazing ways to accommodate you and your shopping needs. I am in a region that is shut down to everything but essential services. The process was so simple – just order the items online for pickup. Once you arrive at the store, they have a checklist and come out to the lineup so they can bring your order to the door! There is only one person admitted into the door area of the store at a time. Here, you get to see your order and pay. The entire area (including the debit terminal + cart to carry product back and forth) is completely sterilized!! It’s such a safe, personal shopping experience!

Happy shopping!! And all the best this holiday season from my family to yours!!

Danielle Perciballi

Danielle is a mama of 3 and entrepreneur. She is the creator of life of macs which explores parenthood and lifestyle from a genuine place. Offering conscientious perspective on products, healthy alternatives, nutritious food (with a splash of vegan), DIY and all things that simplify family life. Follow along the journey at @lifeofmacs.