Top Picks for Gift Exchange

Whether it’s Secret Santa or White Elephant, you’re sure to find a gift they’ll love with Kitchen Stuff Plus. We have all the gifts you need for those gift exchange parties this holiday season. Here are our top picks!

KSP Tavola Pasta Bowl – Set of 5

93547_KSP Tavola Pasta Bowl Set

Who doesn’t love pasta! Our Tavola Pasta Bowl Sets are perfect for family style serving – includes a serving bowl and 4 individual bowls with wide rims. Plus, tons of styles to choose from!

KSP Oishi Bowl Set – Set of 4

98986-88_KSP Oishi Bowls Set of 4

Our Oishi Bowls are a perfect statement piece, or simply added home decor. This set of 4 bowls includes various designs, and available in Navy, Red or Black.

Luminarc Craft Brew ‘Tasting’ Beer Glass – Set of 6

1707_Luminarc Craft Brew 'Tasting' Beer Glass Set

The perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life. This Luminarc Craft Brew ‘Tasting’ Beer Glass Set comes with 6 different glasses. Pair this set with an ale you think they’ll love!

KSP Christmas AM/PM Gift Sets

Our new Christmas AM/PM Gift Sets are perfect for the one who loves a morning pick-me-up and an evening wind-me-down. Available for the coffee & beer lover or coffee & wine lover in your life! Plus, it has ready-to-gift packaging!

KSP Pro Chef ‘All in 1’ Mandoline – Set of 10

99379_KSP Pro Chef Mandoline

Our Pro Chef ‘All in 1’ Mandoline will make meal prep a breeze! Prepare your favourite veggie dish, casserole or french fries from scratch, plus this set includes 8 stainless steel blades and 2 chopper grids for slicing and dicing.

KSP Fromage Cheese Board w/ Tools – Set of 5

Everyone loves a good cheese board. Create a gift box with charcuterie board essentials, including our Fromage Cheese Board with Tools. This stylish marble board comes in 2 styles, and features a magnetic tool rack to keep all its knives in place.

KSP Quikpop Glass Popcorn Maker

83412_Quikpop Glass Popcorn Maker

There’s nothing like fresh popcorn on movie night. Make fast and delicious popcorn with our Quikpop Glass Popcorn Maker. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll have freshly popped and beautifully buttered popcorn.

KSP Rustica Brie Baker

73211-12_KSP Rustica Brie Baker

Our Rustica Brie Baker is a great gift for all friends and family! The classic stoneware design is reminiscent of the rural charm of an artisanal Quebecois fromagerie.

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