How To Create A Tranquil Spa Bathroom At Home

white acrylic soap pump, toothbrush holder, and tumbler

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. No matter if its big or small, with just a few key items, you can transform your current bathroom into a spa oasis. Read on to learn out favourite spa items!

Storage space

3 tiered glass shelves with bath products

HDS Trading Space Logic Shelf – 3-Tier

Any bathroom needs storage space, and a glass shelf is a great place to store your bath essentials. We love how this shelf is made of glass and stainless steel so it blends seamlessly with any bathroom decor, especially when we’re going for a spa theme.

Introduce spa vibes with a bathtub caddy

natural wood bathtub caddy with a glass of red wine and an open book

Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy (Natural)

If you don’t have a bathtub caddy, you’re seriously missing out! Aside from the obvious decor, a bathroom caddy is extremely functional for anyone who loves indulging in baths. This bathtub caddy can safely hold your favourite book and a glass of wine. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about molding or splitting because its made of natural bamboo!

Keep it clutter-free

aluminum shower caddy with soaps and a loofah

KSP Avanti Shower Caddy

Have you ever been to a fancy hotel or a spa and tried to unwind in the tub only for your arms to be met with bottles? Us neither. Keep your soaps and shampoo off the tub ledge with a shower caddy like one of our favourites.

Neutral colours create tranquility

mirror on glass shelf with candle

Upper Canada Danielle Midi Mirror ‘Vanity’ Countertop Mirror 5x

Really amp the calmness of your bathroom with a beautiful scented candle and a sleek mirror.

Soft and cozy touches

grey bathmat outside a bathtub with white slippers

Harman Embossed Stone Microfiber Bathmat (Grey)

We love this microfiber bathmat for so many reasons! Of course it looks so cute with it’s stone-like pattern, but it’s super soft and keeps your floors dry when you step out of the shower.

Clean and organized

wash clothes in a clear basket

Dophes Mix & Match Cotton Wash Cloth Combo – Set of 8

Don’t just stack your towels loosely – folding them nicely and storing them in a clear basket helps to keep your bathroom looking sleek and spa-like! The wash clothes aren’t too hard on the eyes, either.

Pull the look together

marble shower curtain half open with wooden bathtub caddy across tub

Splash Polyester ‘Marble’ Shower Curtain (Grey)

The first thing anyone will see in your spa bathroom is likely the largest – the shower curtain! We adore the classy look of this marble shower curtain. It pulls the room together – literally!

Add the necessities

brushed stainless steel toilet brush next to toilet

KSP Elise Toilet Brush

Your spa bathroom is still, after all, a bathroom. But who says your bathroom necessities cant’t look good? A brushed stainless steel toilet brush looks nice without making the brush something the eyes will be drawn to.

The countdown is on

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