Unique Ways To Declutter And Organize Your Kitchen (With Videos!)

We recently partnered with the Canadian lifestyle bloggers of ‘Modern Handmade’ to inspire and inform your kitchen organization goals. From budget-friendly cupboard organizers to bulk food storage and drawer inserts, here are some video guides to help you get started.

Unique kitchen organization ideas by Lemon Thistle

Colleen at Lemon Thistle shared her tips on how to declutter and organize those tough-to-manage areas in the kitchen. From that dreaded under-the-sink cabinet, to the linen drawer, Colleen thinks outside the box when it comes to updating her kitchen organization strategy.

Visit Colleen’s blog to read more about keeping your food fresh for longer with OXO Pop containers, keeping chemicals out of reach from kids, and let’s face it—making your kitchen pretty!

Easy transformation by Love Create Celebrate

Organization doesn’t come naturally to Lindi of Love Create Celebrate, but she knows the value of decluttering and organizing is worth the hustle.

Lindi shares her tricks for getting her unruly kitchen pantry and drawers in order, using beloved accessories, like an expandable cutlery organizer and functional spice storage solutions.

Read more from Love Create Celebrate to learn how you can declutter and organize your kitchen.

Small pantry essentials guide by Harlow and Thistle

Andrea has a very small pantry, so it’s essential that she use the space effectively. She has even created a step-by-step guide on how to take on organizing your small pantry.

Spoiler alert: measure your shelves in advance!

Follow along as Andrea shares tips on how to maximize a small space and recommends the ideal storage space solutions to make your pantry makeover possible.

We love her use of these Ashley stacking wire baskets to keep produce sorted and beautifully displayed. Functional, and colour coordinated!

Read more storage and organization tips from Andrea at Harlow and Thistle.

No space? DIY pantry by The Learner Observer

Who needs closet space anyway? Thalita had the brilliant idea of repurposing her under-used China cabinet, into a functional and affordable DIY pantry!

With help from the Organization Sale, Thalita was able to completely transform her hutch into a pantry for the family. Creating a new home for those miscellaneous bulk goods and extra appliances allowed her to create more space and declutter elsewhere.

Explore this transformation on Thalita’s blog, The Learner Observer.

Looking for more inspo-rganization?

Check out the Organization Sale for a huge selection that makes decluttering easy.

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To see more creative ideas by the ladies of Modern Handmade

Visit Thalita from @TheLearnerObserver, Andrea from @HarlowAndThistle, Colleen aka Lemon Thistle from @ColleenPastoor and Lindi from @Love_Create_Celebrate.

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