VIDEO: Knife Skills with Chef Alex Tso


Get ready to show off some serious skills in your kitchen!

We partnered with chef Alex Tso to show us the three knives he thinks everyone absolutely must have in their kitchen, how to use your knives, and how to hone them to keep them sharp and long-lasting. You’ll also hear exactly what you use each knife for, as well as important tips for safety, efficiency, and comfort while using your knives.

Whether you want to learn how to perfectly dice an onion, why a bread knife is a must-have, or how easy and important it is to hone your knives, you can watch a professional chef break it all down for you.

Watch: Knife Skills with Chef Alex Tso

When you have the right knife for the right task, cooking is so much easier and lot more fun. You’ll feel so much better with a fully stocked set of knives to do half the work for you!

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