VIDEOS: 9 Easter Treats You Need To Try


The Easter bunny’s got nothing on this collection of sweet treats.

We rounded up nine of our favourite Easter-inspiration videos, including everything from fancy, shiny eggs to the maybe the most decadent cake ever? You decide! ☺

Ditch the dye in this new spin on decorating Easter eggs:

Hiding treats in treats? Is this heaven? πŸ˜‚

Get the complete recipe here.

A decidedly hipster approach to Easter that we’re actually totally okay with. 🌡

In case you’re looking for a fancy spin on Easter eggs, go for the glossy look. 😎

All the instructions for these shiny eggs are posted here.

We’ve seen (and love!) bunny ear cupcakes, but this cinnamon roll version is blowing our minds (and bunny ears!) 🐰

Make them at home with the full recipe here.

Okay, this one below shows you how to dye eggs using cool whip, but… important question: Can you still eat the cool whip after? πŸ˜‚

Try it at home with these instructions.

What else is Easter for, if not adorable things?

This one actually looks quite easy! Seems like a great one to try with the whole family, too. πŸ‘Œ

Get the full recipe and instructions here. You can also check out a super cute Easter bunny waffle right here.

Well, you didn’t click on this for healthy ideas, right? πŸ˜‚ This decadent Easter egg cup is the stuff dreams are made of:

Tempted to try them? Get the complete recipe here.

Over to you

Easter 2016 Baking-045

Hope you’re feeling inspired! If you need any extra baking tools, check out our collection of Easter baking essentials atΒ

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