What’s In Season? Your Ontario Produce Guide

Enjoy the best flavours the summer season has to offer! See when your favourite produce is in-season and all of the great gadgets we have to help with effortless slicing, peeling and preserving freshness. These innovative tools will change the way you enjoy summer’s bounty.

Strawberries 🍓

The best time to enjoy strawberries is from May-August, aka all summer long! Savour the sweetness and skip the stems with the Chef’n Strawberry Huller.

The easiest way to keep your berries fresher for longer is with our best-selling Berry Keeper Basket. Wash and dry your favourite summer berries with the built-in strainer and keep them protected in the fridge.

Infuse water with your favourite berries with our Frusion Pitcher! The slotted infusion rod keeps berries directly out of your drinking glass, avoiding any seeds. Perfect for parties and afternoons outdoors. Yum!

Make healthy, homemade popsicles right at home with our Lolly Silicone Popsicle Mold. Simply blend your berries into a juice, pour into the molds and freeze. These molds conveniently stack for you to make dozens of popsicles at time for the whole family to enjoy.

Cherries  🍒

June and July are the best months to enjoy this tasty summer treat. The OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter is a must-have for cherry season (especially if you have little ones!). It removes the pits with ease and even has a splatter shield so you don’t make a mess. This comes in handy if you’re baking a cherry pie, making homemade preserves, or preparing a snack for the kids.

Wash and store your cherries (or any produce!) in our Fridgestor Produce Keeper. Made with BPA-free plastic, this set of 3 are sure to keep your fridge organized and full of your favourite summer produce.


Lettuce 🥬

Peak lettuce season is from June-August which means you have all summer long to try tons of different salad recipes. Our favourite gadget for lettuce has to be the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner. Wash and dry your lettuce, herbs or any other produce with this handy gadget.  Made from BPA-free plastic, the non slip knob locks down for easy storage while the non slip ring keeps bowl steady on your countertop.

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Shake up the perfect salad dressing every time with our Fresh Mix Glass Salad Dressing Bottle. Our favourite thing about this bottle? It’s imprinted with recipes and measuring lines! Simply measure in the ingredients, shake vigorously and pour onto your salad.

Make freshly squeezed citrus for your go-to salad dressing with our Squeeze Hand-Held Juicer. No complicated instructions, just cut your lemon in half, insert and squeeze!

Watermelon 🍉

Watermelon might be one of the best parts about summer. This sweet treat is in season from July-August and is great for salads, cocktails, or enjoyed on it’s own. Our Tropic Watermelon Cutter saves you time and makes it super easy to cup up this fan favourite.

Slice your favourite fruit easily and safely with the Luciano Perfect Watermelon Knife.

Slice your watermelon in one quick step with the Luciano Perfect Watermelon Slicer.


Nothing says summer-time like corn. Make the most of corn season with the OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler. The specially designed blade quickly (and safely) zips through corn, thoroughly removing kernels and leaving cobs behind.

Keep your hands clean while you enjoy your corn-on-the-cob with the OXO Good Grips Corn Holder.

Apples 🍎

The best time to enjoy your favourite variety of apple is from July-August. The OXO Good Grips Apple Wedger makes coring and slicing a breeze! The soft, wide handles take the pressure off your hands and the sharp, stainless steel blade glides easily through apples and even pears! Perfect for pies, cobblers or preparing a simple snack.

This handy tool is a fan favourite for a reason! Peel, core and slice apples with the turn of the wrist using our Delicious Apple Peeler. This gadget stays securely in place using a suction cup lever and features a gripping handle for added stability as you turn the crank. The perfect tool for making delicious homemade apple pie!

Garlic 🧄

Prime garlic season is from July-August. If you’re anything like us, you’re cooking with garlic almost every day so having a time-saving tool is a must! Our Rocker Garlic Press is a fan fave for a reason. It presses garlic quickly and easily with a simple back-and-forth rocking motion. Plus it’s dishwasher safe and super easy to clean.

Keep your garlic fresher for longer with the Hutzler Food Saver. These specially designed storage containers not only prolong the life of your garlic but it also traps garlic odors inside.

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