These 10 Soup Recipes Will Keep You Warm All Fall

cauliflower kale chickpea soup - feature

Soup is one of the best things about cooler weather.

The only thing better about cozying up with your favourite bowl of soup, is cozying up with your favourite ~homemade~ soup. We rounded up our 10 favourite recipes featuring seasonal veggies to keep you warm all season long.

Tomato basil



A classic for a reason, this simple recipe is easy to make and even easier to enjoy. We love the touch of fresh herbs for that especially satisfying taste. Watch the full video and get all the instructions here.

French onion soup

french onion


So much yes for this cheesy, satisfying soup. A decadent treat, we love this simple recipe that hits all the classic notes with caramelized onions and salty, tasty Gruyere to top it off. šŸ¤¤

Crockpot chicken noodle

chicken soup


All the deliciousness of this tried-and-true favourite, made even easier by using a Crockpot to do the work for you! Whether you want to cook the chicken first or let the slow cooker accomplish that task for you, this recipe gives you options on how to make this comforting soup. Watch the full video and get the recipe here.

Chipotle black bean tortilla soup

chipotle black bean soup


We love this recipe for being not only zesty and delicious, but incorporating loads of protein and fibre to help keep you full longer. Get the easy recipe here and enjoy.

Cauliflower, kale & chickpea curry

cauliflower kale chickpea soup with seasonal veggies


Cozy up with earthy, nourishing flavours of seasonal veggies and legumes in this hearty soup. This recipe uses coconut oil as the base and with no meat or dairy, is a great choice for meatless Mondays or vegetarians and vegans. Try it out with the full recipe here.

Carrot and coriander

carrot-and-coriander with seasonal veggies


A fall staple, carrots, get a fiery kick fromĀ jalapeƱos, garlic and cilantro. The nice mix of flavours is achieved by blending this soup with an immersion or traditional blender. Ready to try this warming soup? Get the full details and recipe here.

Spicy vegan lentil soup

spicy lentil with seasonal veggies


Another hearty option, we love this recipe for being chock full of nutritious, delicious ingredients. The protein and fibre from lentils are nicely complemented by more seasonal veggies – roasted beets and squash.

All the listed ingredients are vegan, but you can always modify if you don’t mind including dairy. Either way, you’re in for a deliciously warming treat – get the full recipe here.

Cauliflower parmesan



If you love creamy soups, this one is for you. Take cauliflower and add parmesan for a flavour combo you’ll come back to again and again. See the full video and get the recipe here.

Roasted butternut squash

roasted-butternut-squash - seasonal veggies

Is there anything better than butternut squash soup in the fall? A comfort food we can pretty much all agree on. We love that this recipe includes roasted potatoes for that extra satisfying flavour and texture. You can check out the full recipe here.

Pasta e fagioli



Time and love goes into this recipe, which will leave you richly rewarded. We love how detailed the instructions are to make this satisfying bowl, which could easily turn into the main event. See the full recipe and notes here.

Ready to start cooking?

We put together everything you need to make homemade soup at From stock pots to crock pots, immersion blenders and ladles, we have you covered.

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