11 Halloween Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Looking for some fun recipes to make with your kids? We put together a list of 11 spooktacular Halloween recipes that are a fun and easy way to get into a festive spirit!

Get ready because you’re in for a treat (no trick!)

1. “Mummy, I want pizza!”

halloween mummy pizzas for kids

This fun recipe is the perfect festive meal if you’re in a crunch for time. These mummy pizzas make a quick kid’s lunch too AND you can easily make it gluten and or dairy free too!

2. Skull deviled eggs

halloween deviled eggs for kids

This spooky treat will add a little touch of Halloween for your kid’s lunch. These skull deviled eggs are the perfect way to sneak in some protein in your kid’s diet.

3. Cheesy bread bones

halloween bread bones for kids

These cheesy bread bones are good to the bone! Dip them in their favourite sauce for the perfect afternoon snack.

4. Spooky strawberries

halloween strawberry ghosts for kids

These strawberry ghosts take chocolate dipped strawberries to a whole new spooky level. All you need is white chocolate and edible eyes to decorate!

5. Pumpkin rice krispies

halloween pumpkin rice krispies for kids

Rice krispies make the perfect treats all year round because you can mold and shape them into whatever you want! If you want to add a fall twist, check out these pumpkin rice krispies.

6. Pepper jack-o’-lanterns

halloween chili pumpkins for kids

Sneak in the veggies with these frito pie pepper jacks. Carve out a fun face in a bell pepper and fill it up with your favourite chili recipe! This will sure to keep you and your little one fueled though trick or treating.

7. Pretzel witch brooms

halloween cheese brooms for kids

You might think this is cheesy but these Pretzel witch brooms are delicious! This fun recipe only needs three ingredients AND it’s mess free!

8. Oreo and Reese’s bats

halloween oreo bats for kids

Fly into the festive spirits with this simple bat dessert. All you need is thin Oreos, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, pre-made frosting and edible eyes!

9. Just wait until you take a bite

halloween vampire cupcakes for kids

This vampire inspired cupcakes is an easy way to add a Halloween touch to simple cupcakes. Filled with strawberry jam, this cupcake is sure to spook anyone who dares to take a bite!

10. The perfect finger food

halloween finger hot dogs for kids

Whether you are entertaining or want to add a spooky touch to your kid’s lunch, these hot dog fingers are delicious. We give this fun food hack a big thumbs up!

11. Pumpkin pretzels

halloween pumpkin pretzels for kids

This sweet and salty pretzel treat is sure to get your family in the holiday mood. Pick up your favourite bag of pretzels, orange food dye, white chocolate and some M&M’s or Smarties to make the perfect stems.

We want to see your Halloween inspired recipes!

spooky halloween GIF by Dots

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