17 Air Fryer Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

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Air fryer recipes are what you need to kick off healthy eating goals this year.

One of the hottest cooking trends around (no pun intended), this year’s must-have appliance is also one of the most versatile. We rounded up 17 of our favourite air fryer recipes to take you from breakfast to dinner, with tasty treats, too!

1. Breakfast potatoes

breakfast potatoes


Treat yourself to a breakfast worth waking up for with these tasty potatoes. One of the best parts of a full breakfast, we love all the tips to get all the taste with just a fraction of the oil in this recipe here.

2. Air fryer bacon

air fryer bacon


Bacon is always a fan favourite for breakfast. Making it healthier is just an added bonus that we love. You can try the recipe here with great tips to make it easy, crispy and so flavourful.

3. French toast sticks

air fryer french toast


Sweet and savoury is an amazing combination always, and definitely at breakfast. Try pairing the delicious bacon above with French toast sticks for an easy-to-make breakfast. Try these at home with this easy recipe.

4. Buddha tofu lunch bowl

air fry tofu buddha bowl


Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just interested in trying some meatless meals, this health-packed Buddha tofu bowl is going to make you happy. The key is the lightly fried tofu, adding the perfect bit of crunch to this dish. Get the full recipe and tips for air frying the tofu here.

5. Lemon garlic salmon



This delicious and nutritious salmon was made in less than 12 minutes! Get your Omegas with this flexible recipe that works really well for lunch or dinner.

6. Buffalo cauliflower bites

buffalo cauliflower bites


Whether you’re looking for a snack or a tasty side, these air fryer Buffalo cauliflower bites are amazing. Make them for lunch or anytime with this vegan-friendly recipe.

7. Honey Sriracha wings

Honey Sriracha wings


When you have a craving for sweet and spicy wings, this is the recipe you’ll want. Whether you’re hosting friends or making lunch or dinner, these air fried wings a crispy delicious treat – and healthier than the ones you’d find in a pub.

8. Coconut shrimp and apricot sauce

air fried coconut shrimp


Now this is an appetizer. Coconut shrimp are made so easily in the air fryer, and we love pairing them with the sweet tanginess of the apricot-chili sauce. Try them tonight with this easy recipe.

9. Air fried crispy chickpeas



If you’re trying to eat clean or add more meat-free protein into your diet, these crispy chickpeas are perfect for you. With warming flavours from cumin and ginger, they make a nice snack anytime, or the perfect topping to a salad or bowl. Try them with this simple recipe.

10. Raspberry-balsamic smoked pork chops



Looking for a dinner idea your whole family will love? This recipe for pork chops will do the trick. The sweet and sour taste combo is a hit with kids and grown ups alike, and the best part – they’re ready in 30 minutes or less!

11. Crispy parmesan buttermilk chicken tenders

Air Fryer recipes Buttermilk Parmesan Chicken Strips


Another great dinner are the tried & true chicken tenders. This is one of our favourite air fryer recipes because it’s easy, healthy and a definite crowd-pleaser. Learn how your air fryer will help get the chicken perfectly crispy without drying out with this amazing recipe.

12. Baked potatoes – in the air fryer!

air fryer baked potato

Speed up your process for making delicious baked potatoes by using your air fryer to take the cooking time down about 15-20 minutes. We love the tips for ensuring your potatoes stay fluffy inside and crispy on the outside with this super helpful recipe.

13. Brussels sprout chips

brussel sprouts chips


Brussels sprouts are totally having their moment, and with good reason! Along with cauliflower, they are a healthy alternative to other veggies. When you pop them in the air fryer, you have a side dish you’ll love for being healthy and tasty at the same time. Follow the recipe here to make the best salty, crunchy chips in your air fryer.

14. Air fryer French fries

air fryer french fries


Classics are classic for a reason and French fries are one of our absolute favourites. By making them in your air fryer, you’re reducing the oil but still getting amazing flavour, so it’s a real win-win situation. Try this simple recipe to make your own fries anytime.

15. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

air fryer cookies

Yes, you can even use your air fryer to make cookies! Using an air fryer makes it an easy way to treat yourself or to make after-school snacks. We love this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Oatmeal makes them healthy, right? 😊

16. Fudgy brownies



Another classic dessert to try air frying is any chocolate lover’s favourite: brownies. This always-satisfying dessert is made simple with this recipe for the most delicious fudge brownies ever.

17. Air fryer doughnuts



Homemade doughnuts made in an air fryer are actually much healthier than store-bought versions and can taste just as good! This recipe lays all the steps out and includes recipes for glazes and toppings too. Enjoy!

Air fryer recipes you’ll love for any meal

Along with being a way to enjoy your favourite food in a healthier way, we love the flexibility an air fryer brings. Check out our wide selection of top-rated air fryers here.

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