Your Top 10 Most Read Posts In 2019: Gadgets, Keto & Recipes

oxo corn peeler

Your top 10 most read posts of 2019 included a wide assortment of topics. Let’s take a trip back through 2019 and count down your most loved topics.

10. 5 Benefits of an Organized Pantry

pantry organized with kitchen canisters on sale

Being organized is core to our philosophy at KSP and you loved hearing about these 5 benefits to organizing your pantry – with tips on how to make it easier. We keep adding to our assortment and we’re looking forward to bringing you more solutions with our upcoming Organization Sale, set to start later in January 2020. What a way to ring in the new year!

9. First Warehouse Sale of 2019

full shopping cart at warehouse sale

Tons of great deals on everyday essentials and top brands

Another great tradition is the first warehouse sale of the year. You were eager to see what was new for 2019 and we’ll be back again in 2020 with more amazing deals!

8. Last Warehouse Sale of 2019

scratch and dent deals at december warehouse sale

We closed the year out with a HUGE warehouse sale, just in time to help you get the most savings on everything you need during the busy holiday season. From hosting essentials to gifts, the last warehouse sale of the year is the best time to pick up all the things on your list.

7. 10 Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm

cauliflower kale chickpea soup - feature

There’s nothing like a good homemade soup and these 10 recipes were just what you needed when the weather started getting cooler.

6. What We Love About Being A Canadian Business

kitchen stuff plus throwback photo

After starting as a booth in the Pickering Flea Market, it’s always important to us to celebrate being a proudly Canadian company all these years. You can learn more and see some fun flashback photos in what was one of your top 10 most read posts of 2019.

5. 5 Reasons To Love Lodge Cast Iron

strawberries and cream bread pudding in lodge cast iron


Cooking with Lodge cast iron is a game-changer. These top 5 reasons cast iron is a must-have is a clear must-read.

4. 5 Last-Minute Fall Dessert Ideas

Corn Cakes and Spiced Cranberries

Just because you might not have had enough time to plan as you’d like, doesn’t mean you can’t pull off an amazing dessert. These dessert ideas were just what you needed to get ready for Thanksgiving – and they’re all recipes you can make in under 30 minutes.

3. 7 Creative Iced Coffee Recipes

frozen irish iced coffee

Iced coffee is a delicious treat, especially in summertime, but it’s definitely a great way to put a spin on your favourite brew in the winter. If you missed this super popular post, give it a look now – it has some great gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life, too.

2. Kickstart Your Keto Diet With These Essentials

pressure cooker egg rack inside a pressure cooker with eggs on it and water covering eggs

OXO Good Grips Pressure Cooker Egg Rack

The keto diet has been so popular this year, and we chose our favourite must-haves for anyone who’s giving it a try. Whether you’re interested in incorporating aspects of it into your meals, or are going into it 100%, we have helpful appliances, tools and organizers you’ll love.

1. Gadget of the Week 🏆


And what was your number one of your top 10 most read posts of 2019? All things gadgets.

This past summer, we started sharing our favourite kitchen gadgets, and they quickly became your favourites, too! The most popular were the OXO Corn Peeler, OXO Cherry Pitter and our famous KSP Pineapple Corer & Slicer.

We’re obsessed with gadgets, so you can bet we’ll be back with more for you in the new year!

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