3 Tips For A More Organized Laundry Room

learner observer laundry room spring

The laundry room is THE dumping ground for all things in our house.

It’s on the main floor, which is wonderful, but because the doors are often open, it feels like it also has to look presentable most of the time. Being a small room that also houses our pantry, it has to stay organized or it becomes pure chaos!

With that being said, here are my three tips for organizing your laundry room:

1. Use a laundry sorter

This doesn’t have to live in your laundry room, but if you have space, why not?

We keep our Honey Can Do Roll On Over ‘Triple’ Laundry Sorter in our bedroom closet, but because the bags are easy to remove, I can bring them down one at a time (because I just KNOW I’m not getting through all of the laundry at once). That also means it’s easy to bring all three bags down at once, so whatever works for you!

2. Collapsible laundry baskets

Need I say more? Seriously. Storing unused laundry baskets can be such a pain, but when they can lay flat AND stack on top of one another? These KSP Pop N Fold Space Saving Laundry Baskets are a game changer, folks. For real!

Right beneath them we now have space for a hamper, which is super handy for throwing all the random socks our kids leave around the house, or tea towels from the kitchen.

3. Adhesive hooks

I swear by the whole “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy, and though that’s sometimes¬†a good thing, it’s not so much when we’re talking about a broom and duster. I need those things to be very much in my face because I use them daily (especially the broom, because toddlers manage to create crumbs out of thin air).

I have the Mlm Home Products Bamboo Sweeping Broom and Mlm Home Products Bamboo Microfiber Duster. The easier they are to access, the easier it is for me to reach for them and actually use them. Hopefully, that’ll also work on my husband.

These Interdesign Affixx York ‘Small’ Adhesive Hooks come in a pack of three, which is perfect, and they’ll basically stick to anything!

A bonus tip for ya:

Make it pretty!

Why not, right? You might notice I used Anchor Hocking Heritage 3.8L Glass Canisters in here, and one is filled with faux lemons. They don’t serve any purpose other than adding a pop of colour and freshness to the room. I’m totally okay with that, especially because the other one houses very useful things like dryer sheets and dryer balls, which means less packaging sitting on the countertop and makes everything (you guessed it) prettier!

This also goes for the broom I chose. Yep, I purposely chose a pretty broom, too! Just because something is utilitarian, doesn’t mean it can’t also look good, right?

What’s the number one thing you wish you could fix up in your laundry room to make it more organized? I bet you could use those collapsible baskets!

Want to keep going? For more tips, check out my post on creating an organized and functional linen closet.

Thalita Murray

Thalita is a daydreamer, mama to twin boys & serial decorator who lives for creating beautiful (and functional) spaces! You can see the slow and steady transformation of her home over at The Learner Observer, and follow along as she shares more of real life and interior design tips on Instagram @thelearnerobserver!