How To Make Your Linen Closet Organized And Functional


It’s one of those spots in the house that, much like a junk drawer, can quickly get out of hand.

You lose things, find random objects that don’t belong anywhere near it and end up frustrated so you shut the door and never look back.

Am I right? That’s why it’s so important to organize your linen closet!

I happen to have our linen closet in the main bathroom of our house, which is very handy, but the truth is that I avoided even opening it up because everything in there was a jumbled mess! Well, not anymore!

Let me tell you 5 ways I organized my linen closet, and how you can, too.

1. Keep your most-used items handy

Face cloths get used on the daily, and yet they all somehow ended up hidden behind all of the other towels in the linen closet, so I could never find one when I needed it, or worse, I had to dig through other things to get one. That’s just too much effort for washing my face at the end of the day! Solution: put them all into one large container. No need to roll them up or do anything special – having them in a pretty glass canister does the trick! I also used a smaller canister for Epsom salts and kept the kids’ extra towels close by.

2. Use unconventional items

Having a large glass container for face towels makes it easy for them to get stored away, means it always looks good in there and also keeps them easy to access (remember point #1?) I also used an adjustable shelf meant for kitchen cupboards to be able to store things above my towels. This is great for two reasons:

  1. When I want to get to those towels on the bottom, I don’t need to disturb whatever is on top of it, therefore avoiding messiness!
  2. I can store anything on that shelf, including boxes, which brings me to my next point…

3. Use storage boxes

There are quite a few things we use regularly, but also so much we only need seasonally, or when guests stay over. Having these lightweight (and pretty) boxes that are easy to label makes all the difference. These things will never get in the way of the towels, but are still easily accessible! The lids flip open, and the handle makes it a breeze to pull off the shelves.

4. Fold your towels properly

Yeah, there’s a right way and a wrong way… and do you know why? Because the right way means it fits into YOUR linen closet. It’s not just about your towels looking pretty in there, but more about using the full depth of the shelves to make the most of the space. Makes sense, right?

So how did I fold my towels? I have the bath sheets a little flatter because they’re bigger so you can see there are only 3 “folds”. The towels above are a little narrower but taller. This way, rather than having sets of towels on top of one another, they’re nest to one another. This cuts down on pulling out towels and making messes, which makes me happy!

5. Make it convenient for YOU

Not everyone wants cleaning products in the linen closet, but we have drawers under our floating vanity and I prefer not to keep cleaning products in there. This means the linen closet is where all cleaning products go, and I use a simple plastic basket that’s easy to pull out and also easy for me to see everything. Because this closet also happens to be inside of our bathroom, I used a hamper, which means all of those used washcloths we use every day have a place to go, and I LOVE it when everything has a proper home.

And there you have it. Make your linen closet work for you, and not the other way around. Get creative with your storage solutions, and don’t forget that a little decluttering can go a long way – plus it’s kind of therapeutic, don’t you think?

Let us know your favourite linen closet storage tips! Feeling inspired to keep organizing? Check out my post on how to create your best ever laundry room.

Thalita Murray

Thalita is a daydreamer, mama to twin boys & serial decorator who lives for creating beautiful (and functional) spaces! You can see the slow and steady transformation of her home over at The Learner Observer, and follow along as she shares more of real life and interior design tips on Instagram @thelearnerobserver!