5 Benefits To An Organized Kitchen

benefits organized kitchen

It’s true what they say – the kitchen is the heart of the home.

And since it’s back to school season, your kitchen will be buzzing more than ever during those early mornings and late evenings. But you may not find yourself dreading those mornings if you’re prepared!

I think the best way to get ready is to make sure your kitchen is well organized and all set to be your family’s favourite meeting spot. I’ve been working on my own kitchen and thinking about all the benefits that come with an organized kitchen.

1. Effective use of space

organized cupboard in kitchen

Kitchen real estate is hard to come by. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, those cabinets are probably packed. It’s essential that every inch of space is being well utilized and your counters stay clutter-free. Choose solutions that offer smart additional storage, like this expandable kitchen shelf, and the 2-tier corner shelf. Life savers!

2. Saves you time & energy

organized cupboard in kitchen

When it’s 6 am and you’re trying to get breakfast going for the family with your eyes half closed, you just want to be reaching out for what you need without having to use any brain cells. That’s why having everything organized in its proper place will save you time and energy – no need to dig through a cluttered cupboard to find that bottle of honey, I can easily get my hands on it using this turntable pantry organizer. Another great example is my spinning 12-bottle spice rack – perfect for spotting the cinnamon quickly and efficiently.

3. Saves you money

canisters in the kitchen

If you’re anything like the old me, you’ve probably gone to the store and bought a bag of oats, thinking you’re all out, but suddenly find a huge bag at the back of your cabinet. Many times. That’s why I’ve now decided to make sure all my essential ingredients are in clear, labelled canisters like the ones pictured, so I can see what I have and make sure I use it up before it expires. Not only does it make the job of cooking much easier, but it also helps prevent food waste.

herb saver in kitchen

Another great example is the Herb Keeper which keeps my herbs fresh for up to 2 weeks!

4. Easier to maintain kitchen

organized sink in kitchen

A messy kitchen is seriously stressful! That’s why I love keeping my counters clutter-free, by utilizing effective cupboard and pantry storage. When everything has a space, it’s easy to maintain and put things back where they belong. It’s also much easier wiping down bare counters. That’s why I love my over the sink dish rack – it saves me so much counter space and looks great!

organized cupboard in kitchen

I also used to keep my cutting board propped against the wall on my counter, but now I have it tucked away neatly in this divided pan & board rack – perfect!

5. It looks better!

Who doesn’t love waking up to a pristine kitchen? I absolutely love cooking in a clean and organized kitchen. It helps me get creative because I’m not spending my energy being stressed out about the mess! Also – hello impromptu house guests – welcome, come on in! I’m not worried about you anymore.

Now get up and get your kitchen looking like perfection!

Looking for more ways to get organized?

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