5 Clever Products To Help You Organize A Small Bedroom

Bedroom closet organizers

Trying to bring Feng Shui to your sleep space can be difficult when you have a micro-sized bedroom to work with. If you feel like you’ve pared down as much as you can and your room still doesn’t look tidy, it may be time for some creative storage ideas to maximize your space. So, we’ve gathered 5 clever products that will make it fun to organize a small bedroom and let you sleep a little easier in that tiny room!

1. The Sofstor ‘linen look’ wardrobe

Fabric wardrobe

The Sofstor ‘Linen Look’ Wardrobe is a simple, lightweight solution for bedroom organization—especially for rooms that are too small to have proper wardrobes. Bare hanging racks can start to look really messy after a while, but this fabric unit keeps your clothes neatly out of sight with concealed zippers and a linen-like finish that blends in with any colour scheme.

2. The Grayline back-of-door organizer

back of door organizer

Organizing is all about using what you’ve got, and every room—no matter how small—has doors. This back-of-door organizer is a clever way to create extra storage and organize a small bedroom space. Even more, guests won’t notice your bedroom clutter if it’s behind the door! This organizer is the easiest way to keep extra accessories, shoes and other small items all sorted and easily accessible.

3. iDesign cosmetic bins

makeup organizer

When your only counter space is a nightstand or small desk, you need to make it count! Keep surfaces tidy and clean by sorting all your makeup and toiletries into clear cosmetic organizers like these iDesign Cosmetic Bins.

3. Axis underbed storage bags

Axis under bed storage bags

Your bed likely takes up most of the space in your micro bedroom, so make use of it! If you have room underneath (even a little bit), consider packing up out-of-season clothing, bedding and extra shoes (because who doesn’t have extra shoes?) that you won’t need access to on the regular. Axis Underbed Storage Bags are durable and fit under most beds.

5. The Umbra Little Black Dress

Little black dress jewellry organizer

Jewellery and accessory collectors know that even if small, these items can become a real challenge when trying to tidy up a small room. Necklaces get tangled, valuable pieces get lost under the bed, and you can never find a hair tie when you need it most! Umbra’s Little Black Dress is a discrete and handy way to keep all these items safely tucked away—and it doesn’t require any space!

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