5 Ways To Organize Your Fridge For Easy Family Meals & Snacks

Having an organized fridge is a great way to keep you and your family on track.

Along with meal prepping, an organized fridge makes it easy to plan grocery shopping and to keep your fridge clean and use food items while they’re fresh.

For some pointers on how to get started, we’ve shared our top tips on how you can make your fridge a functional space so you can save time.

1. Start with a fully stocked fridge

The first step to creating an organized fridge is starting with a fully stocked fridge. Fill it with your family’s favourite foods, and remember to clean out and get rid of any expired food (we’re looking at you, condiments!)

Keeping organizers stocked with washed and ready to eat food also saves time, especially on those soon-to-be busy school mornings. Find some more tips to stay organized during the weekday hustle here.

2. Keep your fridge functional

fridge organization

Fridge Organization from Lemon Thistle

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense that it often gets cluttered and disorganized. Colleen from Lemon Thistle reorganized both her fridge and her pantry to create a beautiful and functional fridge with the helps of some key organization items.

Choose the right organizers that fit your fridge and hold the types of food you and your kids enjoy the most. We also recommend storing anything saucy or sticky in bins. Not only do you avoid spills in the fridge, all you have to do is put the bins in the dishwasher instead of washing out your whole fridge!

3. Prep your food in glass containers

food prep organized in glass containers in a fridge

Genius Ways To Optimize Your Fridge Space by Honestly Alexandra

Storing your food in glass containers is better for you in more ways than you think! Aside from getting rid of the plastic containers so the plastic doesn’t migrate into your food, the clear glass containers allow you to see exactly what’s in your fridge. Glass won’t retain stains or odours, and it’s both microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Take a look at some more genius ways to optimize your fridge space here.

4. Designate a shelf just for snacks

designated snack drawer for kids' snacks

How To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly For Back To School from A Boy And His Mom

Allocating a shelf just for snacks is great for older kids learning their independence, especially when it’s within arm’s reach. Keeping a shelf full of healthy snacks including yogurt, fruit, cheese sticks, and other easy to eat snacks saves time and lets little ones grab a snack whenever they want.

Check out some more tips on how to make your kitchen kid-friendly here.

5. Have snacks on hand & ready to eat

easy pre-made snack ideas for kids organize fridge

Easy Summer Snack Ideas For Kids (And The Whole Family!) from We Are The Roses

Any parent knows how rushed and stressful coming home from school can be. Between getting the kids started on their homework and getting started on dinner, the time just seems to go by way too quickly! Add some hungry tummies to the mix, and you’ve got a hangry situation waiting to happen. Having some healthy snacks on hand and ready to eat helps keep the kids satisfied until it’s dinner time! Take a look at some more easy snack ideas here.

Organize your fridge and save

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