5 Turkey Roasting Must-Haves

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As a foodie, I am always trying something new in the kitchen. For the first time ever, I roasted a whole turkey and I’ll be honest, I was really intimidated… so much so that I did research for two weeks before making it!

In those two weeks I came to the realization that, like any cooking or baking project, I needed to have the proper tools to be successful. So I made a list of the items I needed and headed over to Kitchen Stuff Plus!

Here are the products and steps I used to make my life easier when roasting a turkey for the first time:

1. Find the right roasting pan

KSP Kuisine Dome Roaster with Rack (Stainless Steel)

The biggest item in my baking cabinet was a large sheet pan, so I knew I needed to get something deep enough to fit a massive turkey. This dome roaster was perfect! It fit my turkey perfectly and with the roasting rack at the bottom, my turkey didn’t stick to the pan. I also made the gravy right in this pan which I made on the stovetop. I used the drippings that were already in the pan from roasting the turkey plus all of the juices from the bamboo cutting board that collected from resting the turkey (more on that below!)

2. Baste your turkey the best way

I was really afraid that my turkey would end up super dry so I opted for this baster (shown above with the roaster). It was great, and I loved the brush on the end so that I could brush the butter on top of the turkey to make it moist and delicious.

3. Choose a carving board that will help with gravy, too

KSP Harvest Bamboo Carving Board

This bamboo carving board is a definite must-have. I let my turkey rest for 30 minutes on this board before I started carving. The juices from the bird collected in the inset grooves on the board which I poured back into the dome roaster and made a delicious gravy out of!

4. Presentation is everything

A few months ago I did an entire kitchen organization with Kitchen Stuff Plus so I knew I didn’t have any platters large enough to serve a whole turkey on. And as a food blogger I obviously needed a pretty platter to photograph my final product on! The KSP Aurora Oval platter was great and the best thing is that it’s dishwasher safe.

5. Pick up quality carving tools

Henckels turkey carving knife set

J.A. Henckels International Pro V Carving Knife Combo – Set of 3

As I had never made a turkey before, I didn’t even know I needed a carving knife! Thankfully Kitchen Stuff Plus had my back and hooked a girl up. This knife combo was easy to use and it is a Henckels set… which if you know me is the only brand of knife I use at home!

I use my Fine Edge Pro Henckels knife for everyday cooking (if you’ve seen my Insta-stories, you know!)

I love the satin blade finish and the durability of Henckels brand knives. Kitchen Stuff Plus is also having a huge sale on Henckels right now, so be sure to check that out.

Over to you

I spent a lot of time figuring out the items I would need to make roasting a turkey easy so I am hoping this list of items helps you out. Head on over to Kitchen Stuff Plus to invest in a Henckels knife, it will definitely change your life… or at least make your time in the kitchen more efficient!

Tabassum Wyne

Tabassum is the founder of Kashmiri Foodie (, where she shares easy and healthy recipes, fitness tips and lifestyle inspiration. She is also a mom of two little ones who have been her inspiration to get healthy! Check out Kashmiri Foodie to follow along with her recipe creations, food styling, fitness tips and decor inspiration.