6 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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Get ready to have a spa day, every day.

Whether you sometimes overlook your bathroom or just need some finishing touches to pull that spa style together, we’ve got six easy ways to bring some extremely necessary bliss into your bathroom.

1. Set that spa mood

Serene House

Serene House Essential Oil Diffusers

Right off the top, create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with a diffuser and your favourite essential oils. Most diffusers have various colour settings, so you can choose the vibe that works best for you. Oils like lavender and eucalyptus are wonderful for relaxing you and getting you into that spa state of mind, but you can always mix whatever fragrances you like to set the perfect mood.

2. Rolled up, fluffy towels

For an instant “Did I just get transported to a spa?” moment – have extra towels on hand. Roll them and tuck them into a nice basket so you always have nicely organized, clean towels that double as decor accents. Creating that spacious feeling and having a really organized bathroom adds to the serenity that a spa bathroom is meant to evoke.

3. Soothing soundtrack

The right music is essential to unwinding when you’re preparing for a bath, or just for an everyday way to set the right tone. Keeping a small bluetooth speaker in the bathroom is amazing for getting that spa vibe. Whether it’s an actual spa playlist on Spotify or YouTube or something personally curated, it’s definitely worth setting up the perfect background music for your much-deserved me time. If crashing waves or wind chimes aren’t your thing, you can also go with the ultimate trifecta of slow jams from Beyonce, Adele and Coldplay. (This one is, apparently, science.)

4. Bath wine is a thing

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Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

The best trick for making your bathroom a spa? Use it like one! Make time to have a relaxing bubble bath and while you’re at it, make it easy and wonderful by having your favourite book and glass of wine on hand.

5. Bath salts & bombs

Not only are bath salts and bombs must-haves for an actual bath, they’re nice to use as decor too. Keep them stocked in pretty jars to keep your spa bath game on point. For a fun twist, or a project to do with teens, you can even make them at home.

6. Flowers & foliage

Greenery and the occasional fresh flowers are amazing for brightening up your bathroom and keeping the clean, fresh feeling going every day. Succulents are both very on-trend right now and most types are super easy to maintain.  Aloe vera is also a perfect plant to add to your bathroom – not only does it add an organic, natural appeal, you can use its soothing gel anytime.

More spa bathroom inspiration

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