7 Easy Tips To Maximize Bathroom Space

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Whether your bathroom space is big or small, there’s always more you can get out of it.

Our daily routine relies so much on an organized bathroom, but it often becomes the most overlooked space in the home. On the bright side, it’s also one of the easiest (and most affordable!) rooms to turn back around and make it super functional.

Take a peek at seven easy solutions to help you maximize space in your bathroom to make it the sanctuary it deserves to be.

1. Toss your junk & assess your space

This is your non-negotiable first step. If you’re like us and semi-addicted to saying YES to free samples of your favourite beauty supplies, they can easily pile right up, along with old, half-empty bottles of everything from shampoo to cleaning supplies. Be sure to go through your cabinets, drawers, and anywhere else you’re storing bathroom things (we may or may not be related to someone who literally took to storing things in kitchen cupboards because she “ran out of space” in her bathroom! šŸ˜‚)

Swipe to check out the before & after magic:

Figure out what you really need in your bathroom and go from there. Clean any surfaces that need attention and take a fresh look at your space. Make sure you take measurements and photos of any areas you’re planning on updating with the right accessories and organizers to keep you on track.

2. Optimize space by adding shelves

Look 5 bathroom event shelf and trolley

Need to create space out of air? No problem! Add a shelf to any free wall in your bathroom for an instant upgrade. An often overlooked area is the space right above your toilet. This is a handy place to store everyday essentials, keeping the more unsightly things stowed away elsewhere.

Whether it’s a shelving unit or a freestanding item, the right solution will blend in seamlessly, making it a perfect way to find space and also add a few touches of style elements too. Think baskets with rolled hand cloths, or a small plant for a pop of natural colour.

3. Try a lazy susan for your makeup

Searching around for little things you don’t use a lot can be both frustrating and time-wasting. Solve both issues at once with a lazy SusanĀ or spinnerĀ on your vanity or under the sinkĀ and make it super easy and fast to access anything you need.

(Pro tip: we are mildly obsessed with turntables for any room of the house – kitchen cupboards, under the sink – even in your fridge!)

4. Use bins & baskets with purpose

Practical and pretty bins and baskets are a must-have for keeping organized, but the trick is to use them strategically. It’s easy to buy great big bins with good intentions, but when you get home they can end up filled with junk. (See Step 1!)

Larger bins are fantastic for organizing bigger items like towels, extra toilet paper or items you like to stock up on like packages of bar soap or toothpaste.

For *actual* waste bins, you can try this unique and eco-conciousĀ bin with split compartments to allow separate recyclable and non-recyclable bathroom waste.

5. Organizers with compartments

77966 1 interdesign clarity caddy

InterDesign Clarity Makeup Organizer

Literally the greatest thing to happen to your bathroom, for real. Whether under the sink or in your drawers, organizers with built-in compartments make an actual world of difference in your bathroom, which inevitably gets filled with bottles of all shapes and sizes. Like we said with larger bins – you need to keep big things in big bins and small things in smaller organizers so everything isn’t getting knocked over all the time and impossible to find, let alone use.

Another amazing way to improve your routine is to use them to build up your makeup station. Ditching your old, dirty makeup bag for a well-designed caddy that you can just pull out from a drawer or under the sink is so smart and easy!

6. Store more with the right shower caddy

Choose a shower caddy that suits your routine. Whether you need something small and flexible for a tiny shower or have space for a larger caddy, you can get away with keeping extra necessities nearby and neat. Look for caddies with cool features like angled shelves to get every last drop out of your shampoo or conditioner, or little slots to turn bottles upside down. (This kind of design also helps remind anyone in a tight space not to buy new things until you really need them.)

7. Over-the-door game changers

81725 over the door hair station

Interdesign Classico Over-Cabinet Hair Care Station

The great thing about over-the-door storage is that whatever you put in them is always right there when you need it. Using this space to hold hair styling products is super convenient, as cords & wires are – let’s face it – EVIL – and will ruin your life no matter how much effort you put in trying to organize them.

More inspiration for a better bathroom space

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