7 Microwavable Mug Recipes To Get You #DormReady

Heading out on your own this September? Let’s be honest – your microwave will become your best friend.

If you’re looking for a quick recipe between classes or want to save some cash, these microwavable recipes are easy, mess-free, and perfect to make in any dorm room. Grab your mug and get ready for 7 Microwave Mug Recipes To Get You #DormReady!

1. Granola and GO!

Save money this semester and make your granola at home! This a cheap and healthy alternative to buying granola and you can customize to exactly what you’re craving. You’ll know exactly what’s going into it, too!

2. Pizza mug

Microwavable Mug Pizza

Satisfy your pizza craving with this pizza recipe for one! This microwavable recipe let’s you skip the wait of your Uber Eats or the trek to ordering a pizza. Check out the full recipe here! 

3. Mac and cheese, please!

microwavable Mug of Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is comfort food at it’s finest. This is the perfect meal to ease your mind during though those stressful midterms or finals this year. Click here for more.

4. Mashed potatoes

15-Minute Microwave Mashed Potatoes

Who knew you could make mashed potatoes in the comfort of your own dorm room?! Skip the boiling and make this hardy recipe in just 15 minutes! Follow the full recipe here.

5. Friday morning french toast

Microwavable Mug french toast

Even though you’re on your own this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some french toast for one! Enjoy this sweet breakfast from your own dorm room. Check out the full recipe here!

6. This is bacon me crazy!

No more scrubbing bacon grease off of your favorite skillet. Instructions here.

Skip the grease with microwave bacon. It’s the perfect breakfast or addition to a delicious sandwich!  Full instructions here.

7. Mug brownie

Mug Brownie

This classic microwavable brownie recipe is sure to hit your sweet tooth. With a few simple ingredients, you can make a mug brownie in minutes!

Know a microwave mug recipe that we missed? Share it with us!

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