Healthy Dorm Room Cooking IS Possible – Here’s What You Need


The month of August means day trips to the beach, evening walks around the city, but also that whisper in the back of our heads that school is just around the corner.

Of course, going back to school after a long summer break can be tough for a multitude of reasons! For me personally, one of the things I would miss most was my mom’s amazing home cooked meals. Since then, I have learned that with a few very reasonably priced kitchen items from Kitchen Stuff Plus, you can recreate delicious healthy meals right in your dorm room! Not to mention, whipping up a few meals yourself can also save a lot of precious cash!

Set of versatile dinnerware

dorm room cooking dinnerware set

White dinnerware has always my favourite. They go with everything you have and they are great for food photography! The ripple design on this Thomson Pottery Ripple Stoneware Dinnerware makes it great for everyday use but yet elegant enough for special occasions. Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t make your food look good!

Rice cooker to get meals going faster

dorm room cooking rice cooker

Growing up in a Chinese household has taught me that a rice cooker is a magical appliance. It not only cooks rice, it can also reheat and steam a variety of food including vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and more! In fact, I have even prepared an entire meal on my own with just a rice cooker – talk about versatility and counter space saving! As an added bonus, very little attention is also required to use this appliance. I highly recommend this red Sunbeam Rice Cooker for its beautiful bold colour, its size and non-stick removable bowl.

Note: Rice cookers may be prohibited in some dorm rooms. Please check your school’s regulations to ensure rice cookers are on the approved appliance list.

Kettle for quick cooking

dorm room cooking kettle

Having a kettle during my days in a dorm was probably the best investment I made. From making a cup of coffee in the morning to boiling water for instant cup noodles at midnight, the convenience and versatility of a kettle is hard to top! This Russell Hobbs electric kettle includes advanced features that allow you to heat up water quickly with ease. A removable filter keeps minerals and impurities out of your water so you have the purest taste every time.

Non-stick fry pan

dorm room cooking pans and mitts

What to do with so little space?! Get small kitchenware! This 20cm J.A. Henckles International Non-Stick Frypan is the perfect size to fry an egg, a protein or in my case, a few homemade beef patties. This pan features quality aluminum construction quality aluminum construction that eliminates hot spots, two-coat non-stick interiors and stay cool handles. I also love the cute oven mitts and silicone spatula to make cooking and serving meals super easy.


dorm room cooking storage

Keeping your food stored in a dorm room doesn’t have to be difficult. With these BPA-free KSP Stor Fresh Cereal containers, you can easily keep your cereal, snacks and other dry goods fresh longer and organized. These containers are stackable which helps you save valuable space inside your dorm. Another great feature is the flip-top lid that allows you to easily access your food when you’re ready to start cooking.

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Carmen Cheung

Carmen has a huge passion for food and her favourite hobby is to continuously try new things! She is an avid traveler and loves to share her food and travel experiences with the world through Instagram. Follow her on Instagram @CCarmen__ to see what she's up to next!