Bathroom Essentials For Better Dorm Room Living


The most exciting time for me is the build up in August before school begins.

I used to love shopping for new supplies, clothes and textbooks. It was always an excuse to invest in the latest trends for the upcoming months of school and stock up on practical tools that would help me succeed for the year.

When it was time for university, I was still interested in investing in supplies, although now I directed my attention to dorm room decor.

Moving out for the first time as a young adult is a thrilling experience! You are preparing yourself for all the freedom and independence that is in your near future. Although this is an exciting time and an opportunity to be self expressive and creative with your new space, you must also be equipped with the right tools for success.

Make your dorm feel like home

It’s important to have fun with your interior design but you also need practical pieces. Dorm rooms are often small or shared spaces, and your time is often limited in college or university. Choosing decor and organizational items must have purpose, functionality, and, most importantly, trend setting pieces!

These featured items are aesthetically pleasing, budget friendly, and practical when decorating your new dorm bathroom.

I am a huge fan of modern and simple pieces. I chose a classic black and white theme throughout my dorm room, which makes a bold and fun statement.

1. Fun shower curtains

shower curtain for dorm bath essentials

This ‘Get Naked’ Shower Curtain is a super quirky and playful piece for your dorm bathroom. I think this is one of my favourite pieces of all my choices. A curtain is one of the most practical items that a bathroom needs. It adds character and pulls together an overall theme of a room. It also adds privacy and protection from all your items from getting wet.

2. Quality bath towels

storage hacks for dorm bathroom

Towels are an obvious must-have. I kept it extremely simple and fuss free by keeping with the black and white theme throughout. If you have a roommate, it is a good idea to coordinate two different colours so you don’t mix up your towels. I opted for white, but If I had a roommate I would add some black towels, too.

3. Organizational jars & bins

canisters dorm bath essentials

Keeping things organized in small spaces are important, especially in a dorm bathroom. You need access to your things fast, as time is precious when it comes to classes and deadlines. I choose this KSP Bath Canister Set for all my cotton swabs, cotton balls and cotton pads. They are sleek but also keep everything separate for easy access when getting ready for the day.

collapsible bins for dorm bath essentials
I also choose a pack of three collapsible matching pattern bins for all the items that need to be hidden. These would be useful for shampoo, hair products, hot tools and more in your dorm bathroom. Everything can be placed in a bin underneath a counter clean and tucked away for easy access. These bins give everything its own designated area making everything visible so you know what you have and what you need to purchase.

4. Counter top shelves and accessory sets

tiered shelf for dorm bath essentials

Maximize your small space with the KSP Spa 2-Tier Shelf. A popular trend that can be seen all over Instagram is metal trays and shelving for makeup and face products. I like this two-tiered shelf because it maximizes the space by stacking everything upwards, saving counter space. It can also be hung, adding to its sleek and modern aesthetic.

marble dorm bath essentials

Some of the most important tools in your bathroom is your counter set. I opted for the marble ceramic set because it a very popular pattern. I like the fact that it’s neutral, while still being intriguing with the textured pattern.

The combination of the marble and wood is aesthetically pleasing and fits a modern or contemporary decor direction.

You may be sharing a dorm bathroom with a roommate, so I chose a toothbrush holder and two tumbler cups. I also think that the soap dish is a must. They are all mandatory and practical items but are still super fun!

5. Sleek and simple garbage bin

garbage bin for bath essentials

Last but not least is the Umbra Skinny Garbage Bin. I chose one that was large but narrow to save space in my dorm bathroom. The black with white dots create a galaxy-like pattern and think it will look good in any space, not just the bathroom.

August has just begun so you have plenty of time to prepare your bathroom decor for very own dorm space. Preparing all your fun goodies well before September helps make moving stress-free.

Have fun, make the best of your space, and check out the rest of Kitchen Stuff Plus range for all your dorm needs!

Happy shopping!

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