Simple Ways To Maximize Your Dorm Room Storage


Dorm rooms are quite the challenge for college students, as they tend to be extremely tight with very limited space. The good news is there are ways to keep your space clutter-free and organized.

How do you do all that and still have a stylish room? Here are some great low cost ideas to maximize your space and help make your transition to dorm life easier!

Multifunctional pieces

Choose multifunctional pieces to make your room appear less cluttered.

movable storage for dorm room storage

A movable storage unit such as a rolling cart is a practical piece for your room. It can be used in many different ways such as a mini pantry, beauty/toiletry storage, school supply organizer or even a nightstand table.

Tip: Use spray paint to make your trolley match your colour scheme.

To achieve a gold cart like mine, you’ll need your Harman Stratus Trolley and metallic spray paint from your local hardware store. Remove the shelving and mask off the black wheels. Lay down a plastic sheeting or newspaper and make to sure be in a well-ventilated area. Spray until fully coated and let it sit to dry. Remove tape from the wheels and add the glass shelving back.

collapsible dorm room storage

A small ottoman, with a built-in storage compartment, is another smart multifunctional piece. You can kick your feet up, have extra storage, and when your friends come over to visit, you will have additional seating for them.

Dorm storage that doubles as decor

collapsible dorm room storage

Try picking storage bins that are stylish and fun to help add to your decor. It’s more appealing to the eye and adds personality to your space. Collapsible storage bins are a plus for when move-in day arrives.  You will have fewer boxes to haul over!

white wooden hangers for dorm room storage

Display your clothes on a wheelie rack with pretty hangers and save your closet space for unwanted visible storage. Your clothes can double as decor and it can also be used to help divide your shared space for that extra little privacy away from your new roommate.

Practical storage

clear bins behind for dorm room storage

Keep your toiletries neat and tidy by using Inter Design plastic bins. The clear plastic helps you to visually see your stuff and make finding things easier.  The handles also make it easier to carry your supplies to the washroom.

behind the door drying rack for dorm room storage

Many people don’t recognize the value of vertical space. Depending on your dorm room regulations, you may not be able to hang anything on the walls. Using over-the-door storage is the best way to tackle it. My favourite ideas are over-the-door laundry drying racks, shoe organizers, hook racks and multi hanging baskets.

I wish you all a smooth transition to dorm life!

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