Share Your Back To School Parenting Experience

getting ready for back to school

We’re getting ready for back to school and so are tons of parents across Canada!

To help parents share in the experience, we want to create the Ultimate List of Back To School Moments.

We’re looking for contributors to share the real moments (funny, inspiring, frustrating, anything!) and the ultimate back-to-school products you need to get it all done. We don’t mind if the products are not from Kitchen Stuff Plus (but we also don’t mind if they are! ☺️)

Here are examples of what we’re looking for:

  • “I thought I was doing the best thing by buying my daughter the Batman lunch bag she asked for and picked out. Well, literally five minutes before leaving it was the worst bag ever and we ended up using the free bag her dad won from a work event years back. Because, of course.”

– Emma, @madeupemmamom – mom of Lucy, 7

  • “My favourite ‘back to school’ moment is when I open the cupboard I spent a full day organizing when school ended, that *should* be full of neatly organized water bottles & containers and see this:” {insert photo of empty or disorganized cupboard.”

– Tracey, @pretendtracey, mom of Jordan, 12 and Becca, 8