7 Bathroom Gadgets That Will Improve Your Routine

Over-cabinet hair station

Do you ever see something and wonder how you’ve gone your whole life without it? That’s exactly how we feel about these 7 handy bathroom gadgets that are sure to change your daily routine for the better.

Keep surfaces spotless

shower squeegee

OXO Good Grips Flexible Squeegee Blade $19.99

OXO gadgets are always keepers. If your bathroom features glass surfaces or just lacks ventilation, this stainless steel Good Grips Flexible Squeegee will be your new best friend. Keep glass windows and mirrors spotless and control condensation to prevent mould.

No more tumbling tools

chrome over cabinet rack with a blow dryer and other hair tools stored securely

Over-Cabinet Hair Care Station, $21.99

Anyone with more than one hot hair tool has experienced frustration with devices getting tangled and falling out of the cabinet more than once. Never worry about your hair tools tumbling out under your sink again with this Over-cabinet Hair Care Station—the perfect organizer and space saver.

Stack your rings

chrome elephant ring holder

Umbra Ring Holders, $7.99 each

Where do you put your rings when you’re washing your hands or shaving? Keep your rings safe and secure with this adorable elephant ring holder! These metallic ring holders are available in silver and gold and feature a variety of cute animals. You’ll never misplace your ring again, we swear!

Sit back and relax

bathtub caddy

Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy $39.99

The Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy makes an ordinary bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. Simply rest the adjustable arms on the edges of your tub and unwind with a good book, a candle and your favourite glass of wine.

Keep drains clear

bathtub hair catcher

Tubshroom, $14.99

Anyone (and everyone) with long hair knows it’s not fun cleaning that dreadful bathtub drain. This little bathroom gadget makes your life so much easier by catching the hair for you. When it comes time to clean, just wipe it off!

Organize your makeup

clear cosmetic organizer with makeup

Cosmetic organizer, $24.99

Why do we love this dual compartment cosmetic organizer? Because there is literally a spot for everything! Lipsticks? Check! Powders? Check! Brushes? Double-check. This organizer takes minimal counter space and helps keep lipstick stains off your white surfaces.

Upgrade your vanity

L.E.D. countertop mirror

Upper Canada Danielle L.E.D. Countertop Mirror $39.99

Upgrade your bathroom vanity with this professional quality Upper Canada Danielle Countertop Mirror. The L.E.D. ring light creates the perfect glow for your morning routine—and maybe even some sweet selfies. You’ll wonder how you got along without it.

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