11 Classic Dad Moments In Hilarious Gifs You’ll Totally Relate To

There’s nothing like a classic Dad Moment.

Something about becoming a dad seems to make for the best cringes, laughs and – awww- love. We rounded up our favourite dad gifs to get you ready for Father’s Day.

When your dad thinks his joke is funnier than it is…


This is relevant 90% of the time, but hey, at least they’re enjoying themselves.

When your dad actually lands a good one.

obama joke

Leave it to Barack Obama to get the genuine laugh – even from his daughters. 💯

When your dad accidentally makes the best joke ever.


Just when you thought “thang” was the best part…


Keep texting, Phil!

When your dad saves you from scary monsters… kind of.


They can’t always be hero moments.

When your dad can’t stop bragging.


He’d proud of it, so we’ll let him have it.

When you have that real bonding moment.


Homer knows the key to Bart’s heart.

When your dad is just “encouraging” you to keep growing up.


Real talk for the win. 😂

When your dad sets aside savings for your future.


Dads are always thinking ahead, right? (Arrested Development fans know how this one turned out.)

When your dad has the best intentions.


We promise to do our best.

When your dad lets you know what it really means to be a father.


He might be “Uncle Phil” but he’s a dad in Will’s heart – and all our hearts, tbh. 😭

All these dad gifs summed up in one statement?


Hope you had a good laugh to get you geared up for Father’s Day!

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