How To Create A DIY Movie Night Under The Stars

setting up backyard with snacks for a movie night

When we say we want to spend as much time as possible outside this summer, we’re not kidding! From eating outside to spending time by the BBQ and everything in between, we want you to make the most of your summer. And that includes creating a DIY Outdoor Movie Night!

1. Create a cozy space

outdoor movie night with lanterns hanging in a tree, a bed sheet movie screen, rugs on the floor

How adorable are these lanterns??

We love how lifestyle blogger Andrea of Harlowe & Thistle made this fun family activity so achievable. You don’t need much to create a cozy space to watch a movie outside. Just a projector, some melamine dinnerware, and loads of snacks. And your favourite summer film, of course! That’s all you need to create an enchanting backyard theatre.

In case you’re wondering, the movie screen was made by tying two knots at the top of a large bed sheet onto some bungee cord – it’s that easy!

2. Load up on snacks

We love how Andrea combined a movie night with camping, especially when it came to the menu! She served up some campfire classics like popcorn, s’mores, cookies, milk (served in too cute milk bottles), and some fruit, so there’s plenty to choose from. Plus, melamine dinnerware means no shattered glass if something falls or spills.

outdoor all season rugs

Outdoor rugs add a level of coziness

Grass is super soft, but to add an extra level of coziness to your movie night, some rugs help to do just the trick! And with tons of different styles, you’re sure to find the one that complements your yard perfectly. You’ll also come away with some gorgeous photos to capture the memories.

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