DIY Your Own Terrarium For Easy, Low Maintenance Decor

Terrarium, small tree in a bottle

Confession: Succulents are the only plants I’ve ever owned that I haven’t killed. ☺️

They make great decor and they’re easy to care for – the perfect duo. Today I’m going to show you how to create your own terrarium to display your little succulents throughout your home! Terrariums are great because they are your own little table top garden. They are easy to maintain and can elevate almost any surface.

terrarium close up

To create your own terrarium, you’ll need:

  • 1 – 2 succulents
  • Potting Soil
  • Rocks or pebbles
  • Vessel (I am using the KSP Classic 3.8L Glass Canister with Lid)
  • Activated Charcoal (optional but this keeps bacteria from growing inside your terrarium)

terrarium overhead


  1. Line the bottom of your vessel with 1 – 1.5 inches of rocks. This is to drain the excess water so your plants’ roots doesn’t get over watered and drown.
  2. Add your activated charcoal – this will help ensure the water at the bottom of your terrarium doesn’t rot or grow bacteria. If you don’t have activated charcoal, you can skip this step! Just make sure to be careful not to over water your terrarium.
  3. Add in 2 – 3 inches of potting soil. This is where it is important to have a deep vessel – if your vessel is not deep enough, your plants will not have enough space to grow its roots.
  4. Make a hole in the soil large enough for your plant and place your plant into your terrarium. If you have multiple plants, it is easiest to start from the back and work your way up. Make sure the plants are not touching the side of the vessel as they will need room to grow.
  5. Decorate the top of your terrarium with more rocks and pebbles. You can also add moss for a more earthy effect.

Made your own terrarium?

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Grayce Yuen

Hailing from Alberta, Grayce is an avid home cook and one busy young professional pursuing her dream in Toronto. She loves toy poodles, succulents and dessert. Follow her on Instagram @MousseTaco to see what she's eating.