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It’s that time of year again where we start preparing for back-to-school! If you’re moving into a dorm room, you will want to start thinking of decor pieces that are budget friendly and practical. Adding a little DIY can be a good solution as it will help bring creativity and personality to your room.

Here are 5 easy DIY dorm room decor options that will make your space stand out and feel like your home away from home!

Use photos as your wall art

string lights with clothespins full of polaroid photos great for dorm room decor

Sharper Image Colour Changing ’16-Clothespins’ LED Clip String Lights, $14.99

Cover your bare walls with the Sharper Image LED Clip String Lights. You can truly personalize your space by adding your favourite photos that remind you of home.

string lights with clothespins full of polaroid photos

Sharper Image Colour Changing ’16-Clothespins’ LED Clip String Lights, $14.99

These attractive lights are battery operated and feature a cool colour-changing twinkle! To give your photos a more vintage and cohesive look, you can DIY a Polaroid frame around each picture. Use white bristol board, measure out the frame leaving a bigger space at the bottom. Glue a photo right on top of the bristol board.

Make a magnetic memo board

woman putting a magnet on a piece of paper

Deco Home Adorable ‘Graphic’ Glass Magnet, $2.49

Another way to make use of your wall space is to use magnets to hold up your important reminders or school notes. To DIY a magnet memo wall, purchase heavy-duty magnetic tape strip from your local hardware store. Cut the strips to your preferred length; peel back the tape to apply onto the wall or door. Add colourful magnets like the Deco Home Glass Magnets to the strips.  They have so much charm, but also very durable and have lots of great designs to choose from.

woman putting magnet strips on a door, great for small spaces like dorm rooms

Place magnet strips on the back of a door

close up of hands placing paper on a magnet strip with a magnet

Deco Home Adorable ‘Graphic’ Glass Magnet , $2.99

Use a tray for extra study space

white folding tray on bed surrounded by pillows, good for dorm rooms

DIY Swoop Folding Bed Tray, $24.99

Dorm rooms are tight for space, so having a tray in your room is a must for extra study space. It will be handy for those days when you just feel like staying in bed to study or when you have a friend come by to work on a project. I recommend the KSP Swoop Folding Tray because it’s large in size. You can fit both your notebooks and a big cup of coffee on it because we all know coffee is a must to get you through those long study sessions! It conveniently folds up and can be tucked away when not in use. To DIY a personalized tray, I applied two coats of white paint and lined the inside with some colourful floral wrapping paper. Make sure to use a coaster when using your tray!

woman painting folding tray white

DIY Swoop Folding Bed Tray, $24.99

Personalize your space

white letter box wall mounted with the phrase "but first coffee"

Sharper Image Cinematic ‘Large’ LED Letter Box, $24.99

The Sharper Image Cinematic LED Letter Box is a fun replacement when compared to a typical lamp. You can create your own messages to light up your room and it also adds an element of decor. What I love about this particular letterbox is that it can be powered by either battery or USB. It not only comes with 90 customizable letters, but also 10 of the most popular emojis! Now you can wake up to a motivational quote or give an engaging message to your guest.

white letter box wall mounted with the phrase "dream plan do"

Sharper Image Cinematic ‘Large’ LED Letter Box, $24.99

Stay organized in style

4 glass jars with chalkboard labels filled with beauty products on a shelf

Chalkboard Glass Canister with Lid – Set of 4, $14.99

The KSP Chalkboard Glass Canisters are a great way to stay organized! They are ideally suited for storing cereal, pasta, or coffee beans, but you can get creative on what you put inside. Try storing school supplies or toiletries instead, which may be more suitable for a dorm room. The fancy chalkboard labels make organizing effortless and adds to the decor of your space.

4 glass jars with chalkboard labels filled with beauty products, 1 on its side and 3 right side up

Chalkboard Glass Canister with Lid – Set of 4, $14.99

I hope you enjoyed these decor inspiration and mini DIY projects. Happy decorating and wishing you all the best on your up-coming school year!

full shot of easy diy room decor

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