Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your First Place Feel Like Home

If you’re getting ready to go off to college or moving out on your own, it’ll be your first time living away from your parents… and all the built-in help and essentials you’ve gotten pretty used to!

On top of being away from your parents, you’ll be far away from the place you’re most comfortable being in – your home. Whether you’re moving into a dorm room, an apartment, or sharing a house, we’re sharing some tips on how you can make your first place feel like home.

Set your bathroom up

grey soap pump, toothbrush holder, and tumbler

Avanti Acrylic Bath Accessory Combo – Set of 3 (Grey)

Nothing feels less like home than an unmade bathroom. And a few key items can change just that! Grab a stylish shower curtain, a new shower caddy, and a few sink accessories to jazz up your new place and make it feel more homey.

Make it smell like home

6 coloured candles

Essence Filled Jar Candle with Metal Lid

Sure, nothing beats mom’s fresh baked goods. But the next best thing can help you feel less homesick and more at home! If you’re living off campus, a candle with a scent that reminds you of home will help you feel more settled in. If you’re in a dorm, an oil diffuser works, too, especially with a calming essential oil like lavender.

Make your living room or bedroom extra cozy to feel like home

3 faux fur cushions in different colours

Milano Collection Faux Fur Cushion (Multi Colour)

Adding a throw and a few pillows is a sure way to make any space feel more cosy, homey, and liveable. Plus, you’ll look forward to sinking into the pillows after class when the water starts to cool down.

A well-stocked kitchen to make a home-cooked meal

grey non-stick pot with handle and lid

The Rock Gourmet Non-Stick 3L Saucepan with Lid (Grey)

You don’t need to have the kitchen of a professional chef, but having the tools to make a good home-cooked meal will make a huge difference. (Yes, even if you’re just making mac and cheese)! All you need is some solid cookware, especially a good pot and pan, and a few kitchen gadgets to help make preparing your favourite meal easier.

Set the table to feel like home

four different coloured placemats

Harman Textaline II ‘Scratch’ Vinyl Placemat

If space permits a dining room table, set the table! Nothing says #adulting like a proper tablecloth, a placemat or two, and ~real~ flatware (no plastic forks here) – all these touches add up to help make your kitchen feel more like home.

Bring personality to your room

Bring creativity and personality to your room with a little DIY that’s both budget friendly and practical. Take a look at these 5 easy DIY dorm decor ideas you’ll love!

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