Slice It Up With This Top-Rated Mandoline Slicer And Grater

We’re not going to lie to you – one of our favourite things about fall is the seasonal recipes. The cozy comfort foods made with root vegetables and other seasonal favourites…can fall come already?? 😋

Whether you’re excited to make soups and stews, autumn salads, or any other recipe in between, this mandoline slicer and greater will make it easier than ever to slice and grate. We promise!

What does the mandoline slicer and grater do?

The mandoline slicer and grater is your best kitchen tool when it comes to slicing firm fruits and veggies. It’s great for creating beautiful garnishes, thinly sliced vegetables, or grating cheese. And we know that blade ~looks~ intimidating, but it’s not if you’re careful. Take a look at the video below for proof!

Learn more from our customers and these 5-star reviews

Our mandoline slicer and grater is one of our most popular gadgets, with tons of five-star reviews (and counting).  We pulled some of our favourites so you can hear it right from our customers.

Amazing quality and super convenient

“This is a fantastic product for those who wanna save time in the kitchen. The blades are of the highest quality and they cut cleanly. My family wants a salad with their meal ALL the time, and cucumbers and pepper rings are super easy and fast to cut with this mandolin. It even comes with grater blades for carrots and cheese. Also, this one comes with a handle for a quick switch which comes in handy when the kids wanna have a go. Honestly love this product!!!”

– Arshi

Best mandoline I’ve purchased

“I’ve purchased a few mandolins before and they’ve never worked. This one worked so well I convinced my mother in law to buy one as well and she loves it. I often use it to slice potatoes to make chips. So happy with this!”


Great ways to gift the mandoline slicer and grater

Know someone who loves trying new recipes? This versatile gadget makes a great gift for them (and let’s be honest, for yourself, too). If you’re worried about accidental nick, you may want to consider picking up a cut resistant glove. Or how about this set of glass mixing bowls so they can keep their fresh cut fruit and veggies crisp and ready for meal prep? If you’re unsure what else to pair the mandoline with, this 6-in-1 cake plate is a great gift, too! It can also be used as a veggie and dip bowl or a salad bowl.

Mandoline recipes you need to try

A mandoline slicer and grater is the gadget you’ll question how you went so long without. And before long, you’ll be telling all your friends and family how they’ll need one, too! If you can’t wait to try your mandoline, try using it for one of these delicious recipes below.

Garlic parmesan roasted sweet potatoes

roasted sweet potatoes sliced with a mandoline slicer and grater and aligned in a pan

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Sweet Potatoes by eatwell101

Roasted, savoury, buttery… parmesan-y. Just looking at this sweet potatoes is making us drool! Find the recipe from eatwell101 here.

Rose apple tartlets with salted caramel

tartlets with slices of apples made to look like a rose with a mandoline slicer and grater

Rose Apple Tartlets with Salted Caramel by Platings + Pairings

These rose apple tartlets are as delicious as they are beautiful. And with the help of a mandoline slicer and grater, you can easily achieve the thin apple slices needed for this dessert. Find the recipe from Platings + Pairings here.

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