7 Products We Love For On-The-Go Grown Up Lunches

Whether you’re a busy adult who’s heading back to school, starting a new job, or just setting some new lunch goals for the new school year, you’ll want to take a look at these 7 products we love for grown up lunch on-the-go.

7. A shiny thermal jar in your favourite colour

Soup season is almost here, and when that time comes, you’ll want to be able to take your soup lunch on-the-go. These thermal double-walled stainless steel jars are an essential for bringing nourishing warm meals on the go. Plus, the twist on lid helps to prevent spills in your lunch bag.

6. A mason jar designed for your favourite salads

on the go glass salad mason jar with salad inside and dressing in a mini jar on the side

KSP Salad To-Go Glass Salad Mason Jar, $7.99

More of a salad person? This glass mason jar helps keep your salad fresh and crisp until lunch time. And that mini jar? It screws in under the lid so you can take your favourite dressing without getting your salad soggy.

5. A personal blender for the trifecta: fast, easy, healthy

red and white personal blender with fruit

Oster My Blend Personal Blender, $29.99

This personal blender lets you create delicious and nutritious drinks and take them on-the-go. Compact and perfect for saving counter space, this blender quickly blends your lunch (or breakfast) and with the switch of the blade to a lid, you’ll be on the road in no time.

4. Reusable flatware you can tuck into any bag

stainless steel utensils in a storage container on the go lunch flatware

Built Ny Gourmet Flatware Combo – Set of 4 (Stainless Steel), $7.99

Never forget your utensils at home with this flatware combo set. This travel-friendly case has a stainless steel fork, knife, and spoon, which takes up little space in your lunch bag.

3. A classic Thermos mug for your favourite beverages (or soup!)

rose gold thermos mug with no handle

Thermos Thermal Travel Mug No Handle (Rose Gold), $19.99

Aside from the gorgeous rose gold colour, we love this thermal travel mug because it makes it so easy to transport your coffee and tea (which we know is sometimes lunch on those extra busy days.) The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the exterior comfortable to hold no matter how hot or cold the drink inside is. You can also go old school and use it for soup!

2. A glass container with a built-in divider

divided glass container, one side with blueberries, one side with strawberries

KSP Divided Glass 1L Storage Container, $8.99

The key to making sure your lunch is nutritious and filling is prepping what you can in advance. We know it’s easier to stop at the drive-thru on those busy days, but spending a little time preparing meals and snacks helps make sure the better choice is within reach when your stomach starts to grumble while you’re on-the-go.

This super popular glass container with divider gives you some bento box-style options – we love keeping protein like grilled chicken on one side, and some veggies or fruit on the other. Tuck a little dip container inside for your favourite sauce and you’re good to go.

1. Your new favourite lunch essential – a mini Crockpot

mini crock pots with different coloured lids - on the go lunch

Crock Pot Mini Crock Portable Lunch Carrier, $17.99

This is one of our most popular hidden gems! We fall in love with this portable lunch carrier over and over, especially when school starts and the weather starts to cool down. When fall is on your mind and all you want is a nice, warm soup or stew, this mini personal food warmer is just the think you need.

Not only does it keep your food warm – it lets you heat up your food wherever you are! (Yes, that includes on your desk.) Plus, the removable food container is dishwasher safe!

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