Here’s How To Organize Your Snack Stations For Back To School

Get ready, fridge #goals – we’re making room for snack time and helping organize the whole kitchen to include snack stations!

If you have children, you’re aware that they’re almost always asking for a snack, especially when they get home from school. That’s why we’re breaking down how to make it easy for your littles ones (and you) to grab a healthy snack.

1. Use a fruit basket

2-tier fruit basket filled with fruit - easy snack station

Circ 2-Tier Fruit/Vegetable Basket (Chromewire)

Who says fruit baskets are just for fruit? This 2-tier basket doubles as a snack holder. Fill it with rice treats, chips, fruit cups, yogurt, and other small snacks so little hands can easily take what they want.

2. The key to a smart snack station

water bottle holder with water bottles in the fridge

iDesign Fridge Binz Water Bottle Holder (Clear)

Kids want what’s in front of them. Keep the water in your snack station at their eye level as a reminder to drink. This water bottle holder holds up to 9 bottles of water.

3. Keep your snack station spinning

2-tier turntable with spices

iDesign Linus Pantry Organizer 2-Tier Cabinet Turntable (Clear)

Help little hands reach the snacks at the back of your snack station by putting them on a turntable. This helps make sure nothing gets forgotten. (Except for maybe those super healthy granola bars that “somehow” fell behind šŸ˜‰).

4. Extra large storage for extra large snacks

clear storage bin on a fridge shelf filled with juice boxes - snack stations

KSP Fridge Stor ‘Extra Large’ Deep Bin (Clear)

This extra large bin holds juice boxes perfectly, but it can be used to hold most large after-school treats.

5.Ā  Keep your snack station organized

clear bin on a shelf with jello cups

iDesign Linus Fridge ‘n Pantry Binz – Medium

This clear bin is smaller than the one above and is great for keeping smaller snacks, like fruit or pudding cups, organized.

6. A storage rack for a station of snacks

silver storage rack on wheels

Space Logic Rolling Storage Rack (Silver)

This storage rack is a great addition to any snack station because it adds extra storage space exactly where you need it. And with 4 shelves, you can split up snacks exactly as you like (salty vs. sweet, anyone?).

7. Airtight & stackable food containers

We’re obsessed with these OXO Good Grips Pop containers, and rightfully so! Airtight, stackable, and space-efficient, they fit perfectly in any snack station.

Snack Stations #MadeEasy

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