Real Parents Share Their Most Memorable, Hilarious Back To School Moments

getting ready for back to school

A new school year is here and we’re going to get through it together! ☺️

Whether it’s you or your little ones getting nervous, we wanted to hear from moms and dads what it’s ~really~ like getting ready for back to school. We sent a call-out to moms and dads asking for the most memorable, fun, silly, real, emotional moments, and now we’re sharing all their tips and tricks with you.

Being prepared before it all begins

“Pick their clothes the night before. Pick their snacks the morning of. And pick my battles over hair accessories. As my girls get older, I’ve realized it’s easier to handle our school days like this, rather than picking them up and tossing them out the door. They’re getting heavy now!”

Tania, mom of two girls, 10 and 7,, @tania2atee

Kate's (@emmettsabcs) meal prep magic

Kate’s (@emmettsabcs) meal prep magic

“I swear, our biggest challenge come September is keeping everyone fed! Emmett comes home from preschool STARVING and having snacks on hand and ready to go is the only way to prevent toddler-level meltdowns. Need a little help with snack prep at your house too? We’ve got you.”

Kate, mom of Emmett, 2.5 and Charlie, 9 months, @emmettsabcs

“I am one of those people that like to be ahead of the game so that I am not scrambling at the last minute. However, sometimes being too prepared isn’t always the best way. A few years ago, I found a great sale on shoes for my son in July so I picked up a pair for him to have for back to school. Fast forward to September and he had already outgrown them and hadn’t worn them even once. Luckily I saved the receipt and the store was more than helpful in allowing me to exchange them but going forward I wait until the last week of August to buy anything he might outgrow.”

Cathy, mom of 10 year old, @aboyandhismom1

“Who doesn’t like a good deal? I know I do! A lot of my bulk shopping is done online, so I often sign up to the Newsletter list. That way, I get notifications when there’s a sale on things such as clothes, shoes, backpacks and of course, school supplies.

– Marielle, mom of two,

And being prepared for the real moments, too

house of kerrs

The kids of @house_of_kerrs doing things their way

“No matter how much you prep and get systems in place, school mornings can still be a hectic gong show. There’s nothing wrong with you if your family doesn’t line up at the door like the von Trapp Family! Deep breaths… we’ve got this!”

– Sonya, Mom of four kids ages 3 – 10 years old,, @house_ of_kerrs

Getting the lunch stuff right…

yashy mom pick

Yashy’s daughter, Akira

“Having gone through many lunch boxes (some which cost upwards of $40!!!) we’ve come to realize that all you need is a trusty Sistema one with various dividers to help the JK and SK crowd determine which items you pack are for lunch time and which are for snack time… because that’s apparently VERY important as I’ve been informed by both my kids! Also, lunch bags get forgotten on the school bus so we’ve opted to use school bags that have built in cooler sections to help expectations!”

-Yashy, mom of Akira, 6 and Apollo, 4,, @yashyanthi

back to school lunch in a jar

Mary’s easy back to school lunch

“Other than seeing their friends after a long summer, my kids (and husband) look forward to home-cooked dinners as soon as school starts up again! I tend to take it a bit slower in the summer and they notice this. My ultimate goal is to get a ‘that was an awesome dinner, mommy’, or ‘that was the best lunch today’! I tested some lunches in the past few weeks, and my daughter’s first BTS lunch request is this chicken salad in a jar.”

Mary, mom of two teens, 15 & 18,

“With each new school year, we as parents get that sinking feeling – how can the kids be growing so quickly? Last year I learned that not holding on so tightly means letting go of outdated lunch bags too. As my daughter headed to Grade 8, she wasn’t too keen on carrying her old, frog-themed lunch bag. I put up a bit of a protest but eventually I was forced to admit it was time for a change.”

– Joann, mom of Lily, 13 and Evan, 16,

Saying goodbye for the first time

gg sisters back to school real moment

Photo: The GG Sisters – Walking Laura’s daughter to school

“To all the moms sending their kids off to school for the first time next week. This ones for you! …. You’re going to cry and maybe they will too. You’re going to look at the clock and wonder what they are doing every minute. You’re going to worry if they ate their snack, lunch etc. You’re going to wonder if they opened all their snacks and aren’t starving. Oh and you will start to panicking thinking about them going to the washroom on their own, if they cleaned themselves properly. You’re going to wonder if they made a friend and if they are all alone and you are going to start to cry when you think about that. Like cry multiple times throughout the day. You’re going to consider calling the school and asking if they are ok, then you’re going to stop and say no you’re not that parent. Then your mind will repeat thinking that scenario about ten times, and then you will actually call or ask your friend or spouse what you should do. You’re going to arrive to pick them up an hour early and when they run out of there with the biggest smiles on their face, you’re going to ask them what they did and how their day was. Guess what?! They are going to say nothing. Yup.. you will try to ask about what they did, what they played, what they learned, and what friends they made and you will nothing. LOL! They may tell you about a kid that got in trouble but that’s about it. Unless you have some mom super powers where they spill the beans. And if you do share your secret with us. We have no advice for you, except that they’re going to be ok and so are you. Well maybe you won’t be ok right away but after a few months you will. Kidding! ❤”

– Laura and Jos, @TheGGSisters

jennifer - son - back to school

Jennifer gets her son ready for the new school year

“Their whole lives you teach your children to hold your hand. Never leave your side. Stay where you can see them. Wear a seat belt. Not to talk to strangers… And then the first day of school arrives and you put that tiny four-year-old on a big yellow school bus full of kids bouncing in their seats and watch it drive off…”

– Jennifer,, @momvstheboys

And then the laughter hits…

“When starting school be sure your kids know how much much toilet paper to use. One year we had a call from the teacher on the first day after my son used an entire roll of toilet paper and flooded the kindergarten classroom! Side note: it’s never too early to send extra clothes.”

Apryl, mom of Cooper, 8, @thiskindalife

“As my children are organizing their things to head back to school, I notice that my oldest had thrown her perfect good (and expensive) backpack I purchased last year in the garbage. I pulled it out and called for her to explain why it was thrown out, her response “I spilled apple juice in this one pocket and it is all sticky”. I rolled my eyes and said “empty the rest of the bag, I will deal with that pocket and wash it, it is in like new condition kid.” I took the bag outside and opened the pocket, inside was not sticky apple juice mess, inside was dozens of baggies of rotten food and a handful of my missing spoons that I blamed my other child for losing. Clearly I need to apologize to one child and to go to KSP and get lunch containers for my oldest so we don’t have a bag full of rotting food again!”

– Aimée,

Why you need to enjoy it while you can

life is a party - back to school - share“Nothing makes the line ‘the days are long, but the years are short’ seem more true than the yearly back to school photo and the age-old wondering ‘how did they get so big, so fast?’

We try to make Life a Party by celebrating every first day of school with a special family dinner. It’s a tradition that my girls just love.”

Dannyelle, mom of two girls, 11 and 14,

“Your kid is going to be just fine (REALLY!)! It might take them a day, a week or even a month to get into the ritual of school, but let them find their way, because eventually they will. Letting go is the hardest part, but seeing them flourish and become amazing, independent human beings is all worth it.”

-Natalia, mom,

But first, coffee

“Last year, I made sure to get up and drink my coffee before the kids woke up, this way I could mentally prepare myself for the anger, frustration and tears that happened EVERY DAY and that was just from fighting with my kids to get out of bed.”

– Amanda,, @themommymix

Because the real moments are always memorable

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