How To Road Trip With Your Dog (And What Not To Do!)


Since our dogs are part of the family, we always include them when we go on holiday. However, travelling with a dog can be quite a feat if you aren’t prepared.

Last fall, we took the dogs with us to the cottage. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring puppy shampoo and after a swim in the lake, our dogs reeked of swamp water all weekend! That’s when we realized that similar to travelling with kids, you always have to be prepared when travelling with dogs. Now we never bring the dogs out over-night without a few key essentials:

1. Quick drying towels

road trip with dog - easy dry towels

Unlike regular towels, these Drying Towels have thick fibers which makes them more absorbent. This is great for drying your pet off on-the-go because your truck won’t smell like wet dog if you have to throw in a wet towel. These towels are also perfect for protecting the seats in your car from your damp canine friend as they absorb the smell and moisture from your dog instead of your seats!

2. Lint roller for car and clothes

road trip with dog - lint roller

Sticky lint rollers are an absolute must for all pet owners. We have gone through many of these throughout the years. Keep a lint roller stashed in the car for to get all the dog hair off your seats. This is also perfect if you are staying with a friend or at a hotel because you can quickly remove all of the hair from duvets and the carpet.

3. Dog drying gloves (for the small dogs)

road trip with dog - lint mitts

Drying gloves are perfect for small dogs – especially the squirmy ones! Our little poodle hates being wet but he hates being dried even more and will take every opportunity to run away. I like to dry him with these Dog Drying Gloves because he thinks he’s being petted instead of being towel dried and I don’t have to deal with a squirmy wet poodle!

Show us your canine travel hacks!

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Grayce Yuen

Hailing from Alberta, Grayce is an avid home cook and one busy young professional pursuing her dream in Toronto. She loves toy poodles, succulents and dessert. Follow her on Instagram @MousseTaco to see what she's eating.