What To Look For When Buying A Shower Curtain

palm tree shower curtain half open in a shower

A shower curtain is a great way to give your bathroom an entirely new look on a budget. Bathroom renovations can get pricey, but a shower curtain is a quick way to brighten up your bathroom without the demolitions.

There are a few things you need to consider before buying a shower curtain. This buying guide will help you choose the right shower curtain for your space, while keeping your shower from becoming breeding ground for mildew and mold.

What’s your style?

Find that style that’s right for your space. Are you going for a modern minimalist makeover or do you want to transform your space to a tranquil spa oasis? Knowing how you want the look and feel of your bathroom to be will help you create a space that works for you.

Choosing the right material

White cotton shower curtain, clear patterned vinyl shower curtain and, grey floral polyester shower curtain

Our shower curtains start from $7.99*!

After choosing a style for your bathroom, the material you choose can help you create that specific look and feel.

Cotton or Linen

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen give a bathroom an airy, spa like style with their use of textures. Just remember to pick up a vinyl liner, too, since these natural fabrics can create mold and mildew.


Looking for a durable option? Vinyl shower curtains and liners are made of thick vinyl that are easy to wipe clean!


A synthetic fabric like polyester is naturally waterproof. Polyester curtains can get you the aesthetic appeal of a fabric curtain and the mildew resistance of a vinyl curtain. Add a vinyl liner for extra protection.

Little details that go a long way

Shower rods

palm tree shower curtain half open in a shower

This space maximizing curved curtain rod is only $19.99*.

To fit the style you want in your bathroom,  pick a shower rod that matches it, too! Choose from chrome, copper, and bronze finishes to help give your bathroom the look you want.

If you want to make your shower feel bigger, try using a curved shower rod. The curved design provides up to 33% more shower space than regular shower rods.

Shower rings

Flat lay of two chrome curtain rings and shower curtain.

This set of 12 curtain rings are just $9.99*.

This little accessory is an underrated upgrade that can make a noticeable change in your space. For more of a luxe look, skip the plastic rings and find a metal one to match your style.

*Prices valid as of publish date.

Get ready to save

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