4 Reasons You’ll Love Our Emails (Including A Welcome Bonus!)


Our emails are fun, we promise.

We’ll greet you with a Kitchen Stuff Plus coupon, but that’s really only one of the reasons why you should give our emails a try. Here are 4 reasons you’ll look forward to seeing us pop up in your inbox.

1. Welcome coupon and exciting deals

20% off coupon at Kitchen Stuff Plus

To welcome you to the Kitchen Stuff Plus family, we offer new members 20% off an item in store just for signing up! Coupons are sent out virtually through email and are your ticket to your next new favourite kitchen gadget, decor item, mug, or more from our exciting weekly new arrivals.

2. Be the first to know 😎

When you’re on our list, you’ll be the first to know about discounts and promotions (that means you get first dibs). You’ll be emailed our great deals as they’re active so you can head on over to your closest location or shop online with us to take advantage.

3. Get exclusive invitations to events

We offer our members early shopping on some of our big events. You’ll get a sneak peek of promos (even before they’re active) and an invitation to shop early!

4. Inspiration to make your house #GOALS

Cupboard look 3-002


Looking to elevate your kitchen? Obsessed with organizing and want to make the most out of your small space? We love sharing our trendy decor and organization inspiration to our email subscribers. You’ll have easy access to tons of curated lists with just a click of a button.

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