11 Must-Haves To Help You Spring Clean

dusters in different bright colours

Spring is here, and with that, it’s time to start your spring cleaning! This year, we’ve got tons of amazing products to help check off your cleaning list quickly and effortlessly. Here are some spring cleaning must-haves to help.

Start your spring cleaning with protection

pink latex cleaning gloves

Casabella Premium Medium Latex Glove just $6.99*.

If you’re giving your home a good clean, you’ll need to protect delicate skins. These latex gloves keep hands soft and dry from water and harmful cleaning products. Plus, the double cuff catches drips! Theses are great for washing your dishes, car, oven and other common household chores. (Psst – it also comes in 3 different sizes so you can find your perfect fit)!

Dust top to bottom

dusters in different bright colours

Home Essential Microfiber Extendable Duster only $5.99*.

These colourful dusters gently dust your whole home, and the soft fibers won’t scratch furniture. The duster has an extendable arm so you can clean all those hard to reach places like frames of high windows and fans. The bright colours are an added bonus for spring! Remember to always dust top to bottom to the dust above falls to the ground!

Get squeaky clean floors with a squeeze mop

green and black microfiber squeeze mop resting against a wall

Casabella Wayclean Magnet Microfiber Squeeze Mop for $19.99*.

This squeeze mop can be used on all floor types, which makes it a spring cleaning must-have! Whether you have tile, hardwood, or laminate, this mop will get your floors squeaky clean.

Your spring cleaning secret sponge weapon

Harman Lush Plush Microfiber Scrubber-Sponge only $5.99*.

On top of being stylish, these scrubber sponges get the job done! With a soft quilted side and a rougher “scrubby” side for cleaning off caked on particles, this  scrubber sponge will be your favourite cleaning tool this season!

Can you smell the roses?

dustpan and brush set trio

Boston Warehouse Sparkling Goddess ‘Roses’ Dustpan & Brush Set just $5.99*.

Who knew sweeping away dust bunnies with this dustpan and brush set could be so cute? We love the roses on this set, but there are more to match your favourite style!

Spring cleaning favourite: vent brush

brush to clean vents

Casabella Wayclean Bendable Vent Brush only $5.99*.

Possibly our favourite spring cleaning tool on this list, this vent brush easily helps you keep your home dust free! The long and narrow brush bends to get into and around ductwork which is one of the hardest things to clean.

No bones about it

bone shaped pet hair remover sponge

Casabella No Bones About It Pet Hair Remover Sponge for $6.99*.

We love our pets, but we don’t love the fur they leave behind. If your furry friend is a shedder, you might want to pick up this pet hair remover. Just scrub this adorable bone shaped sponge and quickly and easily wipe away fallen pet hair.

Bye bye goo

bottle of liquid adhesive remover

Goo Gone Citrus Power Goo & Adhesive Remover only $4.99*.

Crayon marks on the table? Stickers on your serveware? Get rid of the sticky good with Goo Gone! This remover was made to remove even the most stubborn adhesive residue, crayon marks, glue residue, sap and more!

Spring cleaning’s best friend

yellow container of bar keeper's friend

Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleaner and Polish just $5.99*.

We love the look of stainless steel, but we don’t love the finger prints it leaves behind. Get stainless steel appliances, glass and ceramic cooktops, porcelain, and so much more (aka your whole home) looking its best with this non-bleach formula!

Bottle brush

colourful 5 piece brush set

Sevy Multi-Purpose Bottle Brush for $9.99*.

Be honest – how well do you wash your bottle? There’s nothing wrong with giving your favourite bottle a good shake with soap and water, but if you really want to get into every nook and cranny, a bottle brush will do the trick. In addition to the strong bristles, this bottle brush set comes with 5 differently sized brushes to fit almost any sized bottle.

Grout be gone

triangle shaped grout brush

Casabella Smart Scrub Heavy Duty Grout Brush just $3.99*.

Above all, this little tool is a dirty kitchen and bathroom floors’ worst nightmare. With stiff bristles and a soft grip handle, you can easily and comfortably refresh your tile grout.

Have all the tools but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to help you tackle everything you need to do to clean your kitchen. Tag us @kspstuff on Instagram or get more inspiration on

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