Coffee Making 101: Stovetop Coffee (Featuring the Moka Pot)

Preparing the coffee in a moka - italian coffee maker

Like creating cocktails, brewing coffee could be considered a fine art.

There are many factors that contribute to making the perfect cup of joe – water temperature, coffee grind size, and bean roast are all important ones. But how do you make the perfect cup of stovetop coffee? Keep reading to find out!

What exactly is stovetop coffee?

Laila Stovetop Espresso Maker

Laila Stovetop Espresso Maker

Before we begin to make stovetop coffee, we need to learn what exactly is stovetop coffee. Made with an Italian moka pot, stovetop coffee is coffee brewed from pressurized steam pushing boiling water through ground coffee into an upper collecting chamber. As the water boils and turns into steam, it pushes the rest of the water up the valve and through the coffee grinds, producing a light but caffeinated brew.

What type of coffee beans work best with a moka pot?

coffee beans

When making coffee, one of the most influential factors is the type of coffee beans used. The bean type and roast on the coffee beans bring out specific flavours in your coffee.

I prefer a dark roast since the beans product a low-acidic coffee. It is also important to ensure that the coffee is freshly ground – this will make your coffee extra aromatic!

How fine should I grind?

KSP Java Manual Coffee Grinder

KSP Java Manual Coffee Grinder

The size of your coffee grinds greatly affects the taste of your coffee – the finer the grind, the more surface area the water has to absorb coffee flavours. This  means that a finer grind will product more flavour and caffeine will be extracted.

The rule of thumb is to make the grinds finer than drip coffee grinds, but not as fine as espresso grinds. A hand grinder is excellent for for control and uniformity in the grind.

How does stovetop coffee taste?

KSP Milan Stovetop Espresso Maker

KSP Milan Stovetop Espresso Maker

The flavour of stovetop coffee is generally stronger and richer than brewed coffee or drip coffee because pressure is used in extraction but it is not as strong as espresso (it’s also lighter).

Depending on the pressure and size of the pot, crema may also form when making stovetop coffee.

Overall, a stovetop coffee maker is a budget-friendly and space saving alternative to coffee and espresso machines. If you’re travelling for the weekend and can’t live without your espresso, having a moka coffee pot is great to have on hand!

Achieved some amazing crema in your morning coffee?

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