4 Tips To Make Your Family’s School Day Routine Easier

Where did the summer go?! If you’re sending your little ones off for school again (or for the first time), we know it can be a bit rough.

Between the season change and the nerves, getting adjusted to the school day routine can be hard on children and parents alike. That’s why The Learner Observer shared these 4 tips to help make your lives just a little bit easier.

1. Game-changing containers

clear containers with snacks for school on a shelf

OXO Good Grips Containers

Packing school snacks is easier than ever thanks to these containers! OXO Good Grips Pop Containers are see-through so you know exactly what’s inside, plus they help keep your food inside fresh. They’re great for storing breakfast foods like cereal and granola, too, so those back to school breakfasts will run smoothly.

Plus, only until September 2 – OXO Pop containers are Buy One, Get One 50% in all Kitchen Stuff Plus stores!

2. Make your kitchen kid-friendly

drawer with children's plates, bowl, and snacks

Help keep kid-friendly things easily accessible

Let the kids help in the kitchen! When their things are easily accessible, it’s easier for them to get into a routine on their own. Encourage them to get their own dinnerware for meals or even pack their own snacks for school.

joie bag clips

These adorable bag clips are perfect for snacks that don’t make sense to take out of the bag. Seriously, how cute are they?

clear bins with school snacks kids can grab

Ksp Fridge Stor Bins

Clear bins are a great addition to the drawer, as well, and these bins are stackable so everything is easy to grab and refill when needed. They’re amazing to use for fridge organization, too!

3. Make school snacks from bulk

reusable silicone bag with pretzels for school snacks

Joie Clip & Seal Reusable Silicone Bag

Most (if not all) schools are allergen-free, which sometimes make finding appropriate snacks hard to find. Buying snack items in bulk and putting them together yourself help keeps things fresh and you’ll always know what your family is eating. The Learner Observer loves chocolate-covered raisins, yoghurt-covered raisins, and pretzels – and so do we! Store school snacks in these eco-friendly reusable silicone bags.

4. Keep your kids close, and your cleaning supplies, too

cleaning supplies hanging from hooks on a wall

WayClean Cleaning Supplies

If you have children, you know that you need to have cleaning supplies on hand because with kids come crumbs. Let them help clean up and let them use this dustpan, and no promises, but they might have fun cleaning with the other supplies, too.

Sales to help your school day routine

back to school shop now

The Kitchen Stuff Plus Back to School #MadeEasy sale is on now – with deals ending this week! Be sure to head in-store or shop online to find the best prices and biggest assortment on everything you need to make your school day routine easier.

Looking for more tips? Make back to school easier for the family by organizing your snack stations to help little hands pack their own snacks.