Which Meat Thermometer Is Right For Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re cooking up a Sunday roast, or a big turkey dinner, a meat thermometer is your ticket to perfectly cooked meal. Check out our top meat thermometers that take the guesswork out of cooking.

Accu-Temp Pre-Programmed Digital Thermometer

Never over or undercook your meat again with an AccuTemp Digital Thermometer. With an easy to read backlit display and preset temperature levels you’ll make the perfect meal on the oven or the BBQ every time.

Why we 💛  it: 
  • Includes 13 pre-programmed meat doneness settings plus a manual setting option
  • Heat safe, stainless steel probe with silicone cord can be left in the oven while cooking
  • Readings in °C or °F
  • Notifies you when your meat reaches programmed temperature

Polder Digital Thermometer with Probe

This fan fave is a Good Housekeeping award winner and an industry best-seller! It has a timer function that can be used on it’s own or at the same time as the thermometer and an extra long probe that withstands high-heat and measures 43″ long!

Why we 💛  it: 
  • Programmable timer and thermometer (from 32°F to 392°F)
  • Timer function can be used individually or simultaneously with thermometer
  • Memory function saves last used temperature
  • Flip top display or magnetic wall mount

Maverick Redi-Check Colour Coded Roast-Alert Thermometer

Designed for remote use with ovens, barbecues, fryers, and smokers, this thermometer comes with a stainless-steel probe on a detachable 42 in. heat-resistant wire. Its cooking menu includes 4 doneness levels and 9 different types of meat, ranging from beef and veal to ground turkey.

Why we 💛  it: 
  • LCD Color-Coded Screen (The Screen is Blue when you begin to cook, Green when almost ready and Red when ready)
  • Three distinct beeps signal that food is almost done, done, or overdone
  • Easy to program create your own custom settings
  • Three ways to mount: stand up, magnets or hanging bracket

Polder Instant Read Digital Thermometer 

Your new favourite thermometer for fast and accurate readings!

Why we 💛  it: 
  • Cook to taste – preset buttons make it simple to cook to your liking for meat type and “doneness”
  • Quick results – Speed-Read® probe for fast and accurate readings
  • Easy-to-read, extra large, angled LCD display
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit display

Polder Precise Digital Baking Thermometer

This Baking Thermometer has an easy to read display, extra thin probe and a programmable temperature guide for chocolate, candy and even yogurt.
Why we 💛  it: 
  • Large, easy-to-read display shows target temperature and ingredient temperature
  • Extra thin probe tip for smaller hole punctures
  • Removable high-heat silicone spatula attachment monitors temperatures while stirring

*Not oven safe!

Accu-Temp Platinum Thermometer Digital Folding

The easy to read digital display allows for perfect accuracy and the probe folds away for easy storage.

Why we 💛  it: 
  • Compact folding digital thermometer
  • Features an auto shut-off to preserve battery life
  • Provides an instant read
  • Temperature range: -40° to 450°F (-40° to 230°C)

Maverick Digital Grilling BBQ Fork Thermometer

No more guesswork when your grilling! Perfect for when you are cooking steaks for a group of people who want their meat at different levels of doneness.

Why we 💛  it: 
  • 4 preset options for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium and Well Done meat
  • Variable temperature option to set your cooking temperature manually
  • One-touch operation (cooking chart on back of fork)
  • Helps determine E. Coli safeness
  • Great for grilling, oven, and microwave cooking

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