9 Dorm-Friendly Kitchen Essentials Your Kids Will Actually Use

It’s finally here – your teenager is moving out and going away to college or university! How exciting! And now it’s time to start helping them prepare for their dorm room. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck because we’re sharing our top 9 dorm-friendly food picks.

1. Dorm-friendly dinnerware

ashford a la carte individual dinnerware dorm-friendly

A La Carte ‘Ashford Coupe’ Porcelain Dinnerware, from $3.99

There’s no need to purchase a whole dining set when they’ll only need a few key pieces. Our A La Carte collections allow you to create a dinnerware set that gives them just what they need.

2. Stoneware mugs

three stoneware soup mugs

Boston Warehouse Souper-Mugs ‘Embossed’ Stoneware Mug with Lid, $7.99 each

Let them enjoy their favourite soups even when they’re away from home with one of these rustic stoneware mugs. The material helps retain heat and the lid makes it easy to carry your soup from the microwave back to your dorm room without spilling.

3. The must-have electric kettle

clear glass kettle boiling water

Chefman Glass Kettle with Infuser, $44.99

Tea, coffee, oatmeal – whatever your teen prefers, make sure they have the means to make it. And believe us, they’ll thank you once exam season comes around. This best-selling electric kettle has a 1.8L capacity and boils water quickly. Plus, it features a removable infuser core for steeping loose leaf or bagged tea.

4. Dorm-friendly breakfasts

microwavable egg cooker with breakfast sandwich in the background dorm-friendly

Nordicware Microwave Eggs ‘N Muffin Breakfast Pan, $7.99

You know there will be those days when they’re running late for class. Make sure they’ll have something to put in their stomach on those late days with this microwavable egg breakfast pan. Crack and egg, pop it in the microwave, and there they have a delicious and filling breakfast.

5. Eco-friendly baggies

Reusable silicone bags

Joie Clip & Seal Reusable Silicone Bag, $7.99

Snacks will be the last thing on their minds until they’re halfway through a class and their stomach starts growling. These reusable silicone bags are a lightweight and environmentally-friendly way for them to bring fruit, veggies, nuts, and more to class.

6. A personal blender

silver and stainless steel personal blender with a bowl of strawberries in the background

Dash Arctic Chill Personal Blender, $23.99

Let them make their favourite smoothies for breakfast with this personal blender. The stainless steel insulated 16 oz. blending tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. And the travel lid attachment means they can take the tumbler straight from blending to their early morning class.

7. Their new favourite bottle

rose gold bottle dorm-friendly

Thermos Direct Drink Double Wall Sport Bottle (Rose Gold), $29.99

Whether they prefer hot or cold beverages, they’ll love this double wall sport bottle. Its Thermos vacuum insulation technology keeps hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. On top of that, it stays cool to the touch with hot beverages and stays sweat-proof with cold. And the closing latch prevents accidental opening. The cool rose gold colour doesn’t hurt, either. 😉

8. Your go-to dorm-friendly snack

popcorn in a red bowl with a clear dome lid

Nordicware Microwave Popcorn Popper with High Dome Lid, $19.99

Give in to those late night cravings and indulge in a big bowl of popcorn. This popcorn popper requires no oil, and its dome lid doubles as a serving bowl (which means less dishes to wash). #winwin

9. A solid set of containers

2 glass storage containers stacked on top of each other with berries inside

KSP Clip It Glass Storage Container Square, $7.99

Send them off with some leftovers in these glass containers they’ll use over and over again. They’re freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and dish-washer safe. Plus, they won’t absorb odours or flavours, and the clip-on lids keep food fresh and prevent spills in their fridge and bags.

Want more dorm-friendly tips?

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